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Random fevers, really worried

16 Jul 2019 16:00 in response to Paulus

Yeh anxiety sucks. I will have to try and get it under control. When I wake up sweating its because I have a temperature though, its nothing to do with me panicking. My temp rises and that wakes me up then I take my temp and ive a fever

Random fevers, really worried

16 Jul 2019 17:18 in response to Smoore921

Ok but anxiaty causes heart to speed up and vains to narrow causing vascodialation a raise in body temp then body sweats to cool down . This is isnt me talking this is a quote from a medical journal . P ps this diagnosis of your poor mums not going to help either it would stree anyone out  when my liz was diagnosed wow did it effect me but being her rock i had to hold myself togetter for her sake but my goodness everything went south inside if the blood tests show no infection then it should start to bring the anxiaty down its all about heal yourself or live with anxiaty for the rest of your life not a pleasant prospect i i couldnt beleive anxiaty could affect me so much but it does so i read  up pages on pages about it and got rid of it can make you feel like heart bowle kidneys urine you name it does it . Just go onto googel and put in does anxiaty raise body temp its all about convincing yourself . P

Random fevers, really worried

16 Jul 2019 17:58 in response to Paulus

Thanks for your reply Paul. I agree on how much anxiety can cause, im waiting to see a cardiologist because an ecg showed I have rapid heartbeat (tachycardia). Unsure if this means I have an actual heart problem or if its from my anxiety. But, on the other side, I dont want the doctor not to investigate something because I have anxiety and maybe miss a potential health problem. Ive read some cases of psychosomatic fevers but it seems pretty rare enough. I just dont want to assume its anxiety, iv had some crazy anx symptoms over the years but a fever has never been one of them. Fever usually means the body is fighting something and if that infection isnt obvious then it concerns me as to what it might be Sad 

Random fevers, really worried

16 Jul 2019 18:25 in response to Smoore921

Definatly get it checked i had arithmia missing a heart beat now and again they put a heart moniter on 4 24 hours handed it back in then they sent for me to do a treadmill test where they stick sencers from a cardio mashine and as i i walk they raised more and more so you were walking up hill and measured heart rate  the imbalace stopped under load so cardiologist said it was ok  well i hope you get sorted one way or another regards .paul

Random fevers, really worried

16 Jul 2019 23:40 in response to Smoore921


Hi Smoores,

I'm glad that you got to see your GP today and that she didn't seem too worried. It's good news that your throat has healed and that she is following up with your bloods tomorrow.

I'm happy to hear that she hasn't dismissed you, but left the door open if you continue to have the same symptoms.

You should get your blood results through quite soon.

I sincerely hope that they don't throw up something untoward. Fingers crossed!

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Random fevers, really worried

17 Jul 2019 08:51 in response to Jolamine

Thanks Jolamine, woke up hot and sweaty last night and my temp was 37.8 Sad 

Random fevers, really worried

20 Jul 2019 11:56 in response to Smoore921

Im really getting anxious about these fevers again. They just wont go away and the longer this goes on the more convinced I am it must be sinister. I feel sick with worry. Last night was the worst, I had a fever and woke up with cold chills, shaking  badly. I also have a rash that comes and goes on my stomach. 

 How is everyone else? Anyone else reading this with similar symptoms? I cant shake how scared I am right now, I have chronic health anxiety and feel like I'm falling apart. I cant stop crying Sad 

Random fevers, really worried

20 Jul 2019 15:25 in response to Smoore921


Hi Smoore,

You might find it helpful to take a photo of your rash to show your GP.

It might also be useful to keep a diary of when these bouts occur and what your temperature is at these times. It doesn’t sound as if you are reaching high temperatures, which is good news.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Random fevers, really worried

21 Jul 2019 10:17 in response to musicismylife

Jolamine thanks for your reply, I am keeping note of all fevers etc. Seems worse at night, the second I fall asleep my temp rises. Im exhausted. 

Musicismylife, how are you holding up? I know you have your appt on wednesday. I hope all goes well for you. Has your symptoms eased at all? 

Random fevers, really worried

21 Jul 2019 10:31 in response to Smoore921

I had a cold last sunday, monday, tuesday (on my birthday) at one point i was going to phone 111 as my temp was coming up 40.1 had a cold bath and took usual paracetamol and nurofen and within 30 mins was down to 38.7. Since tuesdays ive had no fevers (touch wood) and just random shooting pains in neck and under arm on left side. Ive had pain random in left flank and thats it. I recieved a letter from my original consultant who changed her mind after i left and instead of referring me back to gp decided to book me in for ct scab and basically saying she will not see me unless its a positive ct scan but no appt yet however now im being passed over 2 week cancer rule in own area they can see previous bloods, xrays ive had. I will take my consultant letter which says my last set of blood tests were normal altho my ESR was 12 which she says is normal on the letter but on nhs website says its normal for a female aged 55 and over. Im 32. Dont see how thats normal?? I will flag this. Then she goes on to say in the letter that if ct is negative maybe i should see a rheumotologist as i could have a connective tissue disorder or fibromialgia? Altho my ESR is normal so she doubts is the case. However it isnt normal levels so still could be this i guess. 

Random fevers, really worried

21 Jul 2019 10:37 in response to musicismylife

Thats great you have had no fevers! I hope they stay away. Could the fevers have been related to all your illnesses etc? You seem to have been sick alot recently. 

Im glad you are getting a CT scan, hopefully you wont wait too long for it. I hope your appt goes well on wednesday and you can rule out the serious things soon! 

My fevers are getting more often, they go up to around 38 now, mainly when I'm sleeping. I've got myself sick with worry Sad 

Random fevers, really worried

21 Jul 2019 10:50 in response to Smoore921

Could it just be hot in the room? As its been muggy recently. And yes ive been unwell but even when i have been better ive had these symtoms. Im still thinking i have infection somewhere oin my system and when i get another infection it makes it worse. Lumps are the most common symtom of lymphoma but i have no lumps visable. The ct scan will look for lumps that cant be felt. My letter said that be prepared to stay all day as they carry out futher tests. My appt is at 9am. I think they will run more blood tests and ct scan for sure. If it comes back negative then i guess ill be referred back to gp and ill be happy it isnt lymphoma but sad they still dont know what is causing they symtoms. I dont think fibro could be causing the fever but who knows. I know someone on here says they tested for lymphoma has same symtoms as me and all came back as negative so was discharged. GP doesnt know who to refer to so has to 'live with it'. Maybe they will do this with me. Hope not as its awful. I am so tired i slept 18 hours monday and all i had was a cold. It wiped me out. 

Random fevers, really worried

21 Jul 2019 10:59 in response to musicismylife

Oh that would be great if you got your CT scan at your appt wednesday and you didnt have to wait for the other one! I hope everything is clear for you and this is your fevers gone too! Is your temp perfect now? 

I'm the opposite, I'm tired because I cant sleep when my temp rises. Its not the room, I even tried sleeping with the window open and a light blanket. I woke up shaking and shivering. I was hoping it was because the room was cold but my temp was 38c Sad  

As someone with severe anxiety I dont know what to do with myself. Googling worries me sick and I'm finding it hard to function as my worry about this is all I can think about

Random fevers, really worried

21 Jul 2019 11:06 in response to Smoore921

My temp has been constantly 38 since jan! Sometimes 37.5 if im lucky, mostly 37.8 to 38.5 is normal for me now. I dont get shivering just feel so hot like my body is burning. Atm 37.9. Not too bad still not 'normal'. 


Please try not to worry. My issues have been ongoing since october and only now im being refered but i do feel my drs are fed up of me being there hence why i was refered. Hope you dont have to wait this long

Random fevers, really worried

21 Jul 2019 11:16 in response to musicismylife

Oh I thought your fevers were away Sad I guess this isn't high but still not 'normal' like you say. Mine's normal atm, 37.2. But by the evening it's around 37.5, then when I sleep it goes higher. 38 doesnt sound high but it's enough to make me shiver and stop me being able to sleep. Doesn't help that my 2 year old has a vomiting bug atm so I'm looking after him aswell. 

That's crazy that you've had to wait so long. I guess because you also had other random infections going on that they could pinpoint things too. I wish I had a runny nose or something this could be blamed on but I don't. The doctor is meant to ring me on the 31st to see how I am and if things have settled or not. But I might just ring her before then, tell her I'm getting worse and see can I get some sort of tests done. I dont do well waiting and not knowing, its too much time to google and fret!