Together we will beat cancer


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

23 Sep 2019 12:31 in response to Anchor1707

Great news Ian happy for you.



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

26 Sep 2019 11:49 in response to Oscar2020

Thanks Dave-will do! & great news Laura Happy 

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

27 Sep 2019 14:07 in response to Other half

Just to add to the good news stories today I got a letter from my consultant today saying following my three month scans (PET and MRI) that...  (quote) I have seen the results of the scans, this shows a complete response to treatment with no evidence of any further disease which is excellent news, I will see you in clinic… 


I have been more of a lurker on here rather than a poster but have had great help from Hazel and Ian plus 'other half’ who have all helped me on this journey, so if you are just starting this road, good luck with your treatment and stay positive.

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

27 Sep 2019 15:37 in response to cotswold boy

high five cotswold boy and always great to hear good news stories.

Often think it gives others encouragement when they hear about this magic light at the end of the tunnel that so many get to visit after diagnosis and treatment.

Well pleased for you.

Onwards & Upwards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

27 Sep 2019 23:15 in response to cotswold boy

Good to hear you sounding well! Fab news too-good on ya'- knew you would get through-well done for perservering and coming out the other end Happy

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

28 Sep 2019 15:03 in response to cotswold boy

Hi Colin 

brill news , like we say there’s light st the end of the tunnel just some of us have a few more bends than others. Go out enjoy eileens  new car  live life to the fill. To anyone reading these posts in the future good luck if we can do it so can you. 

Hazel aka radioactiveraz


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

9 Oct 2019 15:45 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hello everyone, 


I've been following this post since January. Just been a lurker and following everyone's progress while muddling through the crappyness. Great helpful post by the way.....

I was just wondering which travel insurance companies you all went with when you have been away? 

I have been through treatment for throat cancer (radiotherapy and chemo) that finished mid June. I've been back to see the Consultant today, scan results not yet back but had a good look around and says all is looking good. We were wanting go away to Spain for a week, but although I haven't been told any negative news today, I haven't been given an all clear as such. 

Did you apply online, or did you ring round? Do you need a certificate from a Doctor/Consultant?  

Not sure where to start.


Hugs to everyone who is feeling rubbish from their treatment. Xx


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

9 Oct 2019 16:30 in response to Halfcent

Hi half cent has you probably know I travel several tomes s year to sosinvsm here st min. Thus test I have taken s policy with b u p a  cancer isn’t  covered but rang them to do quote. I have friends who have travelled just the once and fir a few weeks policy have rung boot s. Thus week I found s new one fir next year yeah who will cover the cancer yippee don’t intend getting it again.   Maybe it’s becsuse I am a year out of treatment but worth checking with them. Glad you’ve followed our trials n tribulations but as u can see there is light at the end of the tunnel just a long journey some times. Remember to ask consultant if ok to travel 

hazel aka radioactiveraz 

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

9 Oct 2019 18:07 in response to Halfcent

Hi HalfCent

Have a look at the above.

I've booked a holiday next year and will be booking through them. Got this tip from a colleague of mine and he did a lot of research on holiday insurance as his wife has cancer and he highly recommended them as the best. I cant personally vouch for them yet but they have come up with a really good quote for my 2 weeks booked for Tenerife next year. ( recovered from throat cancer as you can see by my thread)

I will speak to a representative just to make sure all ok and as double check but it also has really good reviews on trip adviser.

Glad you found the post helpful and things are looking good for you.

Enjoy your holiday

Onwards & Upwards



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

9 Oct 2019 19:24 in response to Halfcent

Hunhald can’t the oneness that Anchor has recommend that’s the in effect u meant oops typo on my reply I meant insurewith likewise I spoke to them as well and very good on teleohjne


yes ian I am admitting I was wrong oops 

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

11 Oct 2019 10:04 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hazel,  the most imformative lady, once you crack the code Laugh

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

11 Oct 2019 10:40 in response to TFS

lol your right Graeme...I think its a throwback from when she used to work in Bletchley Park dealing with the enigma codes.


sorry H lol x

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

11 Oct 2019 10:51 in response to TFS

Had a good laugh myself whatever you do Hazel keep this up Laugh

Had my 3rd check up yesterday since getting the good news, all good happy with me.





Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

11 Oct 2019 13:28 in response to Oscar2020

Hi boys.yes thought you had been getting away too easy with my posts so just popped a few typos in to keep you all in your toes. Would say it's the spanish sun drying my brains but don’t want to gloat.( ok apart from Graeme who has it all year round ) 

brill news Dave ,justvwish United would pull their socks up dreading next game can already hear the scousers gloating. 

Glad all is good and yes I did work at at Bletchley in a previous life ! But remember I did work in business travel and that was all codes for airlines and airports that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it lol 

No typos in this message ! 


Hazel xx 

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

11 Oct 2019 13:52 in response to Halfcent

Hi my husband booked through the post office-(for a week in Greece last month-so similiar to your hol) & have just got same again- (for 4 days in Berlin) & that is £88 declared all the cancer stuff (he is on tablets for high blood pressure-so that included too)-finished treatment mid May-got all clear June. That price covers me too.

Like Hazel advised-he phoned them up & explained it as the doing it on line is tricky as doesnt include the specifics-treatment etc. so was quicker & easier.

Good luck & a holiday will do you the world of good. x

PS/ Anyone else reading-Joe just got his 3rd all clear & we're away again next week-(Berlin) making up for cancelled holidays!

Hope everyone else is ok.

Anyone going through the tough treatment-keep going-your rewards are'nt far away x