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Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

30 Nov 2018 06:15 in response to RadioactiveRaz


Still bothered quite a bit with mucas, esecially during night and still up a lot and hence throat still quite sore each morning until I take oramorph n some water to settle.

Were you bothered still as much at this stage and roughly when did you see an improvement?

Use nebuliser once a day so maybe should up that a bit?



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

30 Nov 2018 08:44 in response to Anchor1707


the mucus does go, but it takes time.

i used a portable nebuliser machine which the hospital gave me and I used it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It does help so you might want to increase your current session.

you are on the road to recovery but it will be slow. It’s 6 weeks of intense treatment and 18 months + of recovery to find the NEW YOU.

you will get there, just be patient.

let us know how you get on.


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

30 Nov 2018 08:50 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian I used nebulisers at least 4  times a day  times it round tablets time so it became routine around your stage I wasn’t probly using a box of tissues Tesco 90p are the best nit harsh  strange how we become connoisseur of things !. Unfortunately the mucus can stay around for a long while ive still got some 13 weeks in .what I did was sometime used plain water in nebuliser as saline was drying my throat out .the spat out into tissues constantkybthats for me the worse part i being a women cannitbdo a deep as my hubbybsays grolly n spit ut out. , cancer ribs us if any dignity by the way ! I have spat out in public nit pleasant at all.

the stages are mucus runny then all of a sudden wallpaper paste isn’t the best described word I’ve seen .so gargle gargle with warm salt water n if u can stand ut soda water after to try and break it up.

sorrybthe news isn’t better , but I have learnt we are making mucus for several reasons and kne isn’t to,protect the throat by putting a lining on it the heal the radiation damage even knowing that doesn’t help as I find it debilitating. Just sat now trying to force cereal down .Hiws the Ensure doing are u diluting them ?

try and enjoy the weekend watch tv read a book if u can


Hazel x

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

30 Nov 2018 12:41 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Vatch & Hazel,

Thank you and good advice. I will up the nebuliser and Hazle, I never even knew or thought to use water as I agree the saline does seem quite dry when using.

Probably just off day as slept during night more than normal and musas seems to be lying in throat n not all coming up. sorry to be descriptive lol.

As  for Ensure, well so far I take 3 in reasonably quick succession when I get up to get them out road then one lunchtime/middle afternoon and one tea time ish. Dont care but max I am doing is 5 !

Not thiined out yet as mentally only a small bottle so just sook through straw until done so will see how long i last doing this.

I hope once over I can get fish suppers or fillet steak on prescription as well.

So it is what it is and appreciate might be a slow recovery to get back to the "new me" as you put it vatch.

And jelous hazel but will get there soon as so love my cornflakes in the mornings.
Its fab being able to come on and bounce thoughts and get get tips and one I aprreciate

kind regards



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

30 Nov 2018 13:04 in response to Anchor1707

So I did say I would post each week on my treatment journey, good and bad, and its now a full week since my last treatment last Friday.

So fact treatment has stopped has not really stopped any of the side effects, as I was told, and I am still brining up quite a bit of mucas during night and still on the Ensure drinks for nurtition and same amount of medication.

Still as tired and sleep pattern still same although couple days stayed up all day and lasted until 10.00pm

Neck is little sensitive and red and i would say a little more noticable this week and I am often putting on aquaous cream direct from fridge to calm n cool. This definately helps.

Not all doom and gloom and just see it as part of process and you just have to get on with it and see it through as no option. You hear of side effects and occational blips but most time am quite happily on utube/gadgets/entertainig myself/retail therpy and thats still ok.

So quick summary of week 7 and 1st week post treatment is pretty much same symptoms and side effects and wil see what next week brings.

Take care you all and have a good weekend

Kind regards



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

3 Dec 2018 09:23 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian

good week one has gine bybrelatuvely ok.Tip for neck I used bio oil it’s also soothing Ann’s heals itbvery well mine got 3rd degree burns in ut answer niw you can’t reallybtell where u was zapped.!

pleased to hear retail therapy helping lol !dont rush to get off the medication I am still on co codomol 8 tablets a day and last week stopped the ibuprofen and have got The oramorph down to 3 times 1.5 ml and night time 3 ml so 7.5 ml in total like my consultant says they are painkillers no prizes for being in pain .intried several weeks agingoingbcold turkey deffo nit to be recommended .

keep drinking the Ensure I found the chocolate ones disgusting u may find what u could tolerate lastbweek u can’t this week.

i am wwwk 14 and this morning for first time have a little muchos nit loads but wont get too excited as kniw it couldn’t come back. If it’s been othering you try asking dr for carbustatin it dries the mucus up but also can dry the throat sometime a no win situation. 

Hang jn there 

yell if u need anything


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

3 Dec 2018 09:28 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian sorry for late reply couldn’t sign on site iver weekend properly. Fish supper n fillet steak if y do I Ann coming up. Goingbtinteynfish n chipsmon fridaynfrom chippy! I am one if lucky ones know Vatch couldn’t do chips for a very long time I can do home made ones .thinknthe fillet steak is a long way off meat is deddomthe hardest. I am fast becoming pie girl !! Previously never touched them now pork pie steak pie chicken pie cheese pasty doesn’t matter what pasty either . But tried a tiny piece of mince in a lasagna no way was that going down my throat so strange.

tipmdor the Ensure I poured it into a glass and found no it much easier than the straw took me weeks to find that out though so try it .

off to my dentist this am clean and polish I hope as long as she isn’t gentle 


happybretail yherapy


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

3 Dec 2018 18:03 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Thanks Hazel,

you seem to be doing great so well done you and long may it continue.

And as for pies - go for it girl lol !!!...much better than these damn ensure drinks !!

Aware its just a time thing and bit washed out this weekend and just tired all the time, but staying positive and marching on lol.

I know in my mind I want a fish supper and fillet steak with peppercorn sauce, but sensible head knows I cant. Might try my home made lasagne later this week as an experiment.

kid regards



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

3 Dec 2018 19:59 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian thank you for kindness words 3 steps forward 1 step back now which is an improvement in  a few weeks ago ! The tiredness is the radiation is still working it’s maguc inside our bodies I was napping at this stage ,in fact I still have 2 x 20 min power naps now lunchtime and tea time . They say the time can be uonti 18 months for all to feel better so bsbyvsteos. 

I dream if food neve4 used to but woke up other night convinced I could smell chop shop salt n vinegar. I wish. 

Good luck  with lasagna  maybe leave utbtombe cooler than you would normally eat justvtemeber eatlybdays if u can’t eat ut this week next week might be different 


keep in touch 


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

7 Dec 2018 12:06 in response to Anchor1707

Hello all

and a quick update on my little journey and this is the end of the second week following the completion of my radiotherapy.

So i guess I would say not much improvement in terms of fatigue and if anything , slightly more tired, but off and just go for power naps when I like.
Still of variety of meds and defo needed just now but apart from I would say last Sunday when really washed out, Ive been relatively settled this week.
I'm still on the dreaded bushtucker trial Ensure drinks and am on 4 a day..meant to be 6 but im sticking to 4 and trying a custard or something to replace as they are gross lol.

Maybe I can liquidise a fish supper?

Gonna stick with it this weekend then maybe try and experiment with soggy cornflakes/rice pudding n stuff and see how I get on.
its right that there is no way that you just ping wide awake as soon as radiotherapy stops and a longer process, but little baby steps and im hoping slowely slowely progress will catchie the monkey.

Staying positive a a little more retail therapy, which is vital, has went a little way again to bring some cheer.

Staying positive tho as always and just getting on with it.

I wish you all a good weekend

kind regards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

7 Dec 2018 22:05 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian 

baby steps are the way to go. As for food try anything and everything it’s the only way ,some things yiu can tolerate one day and the next day will be vile !

the endures are still doing my head in but head down and drink. 

Toda6 I thought if you had fish n Chios from chippy first time in years managed a quarter of fish before it was cold n a few Chips  ditto .as yiu progress yiu will find that it takes so long to eat anything that it’s always cold u can re heat so many times before you’ve had enough but inward n upward . Mashed potatoes n stew gravy the meat no matter how small can be difficult.

retsil therapy alwats helps 


how’s the mucus plus watch out for oral thrush it’s around now that yiu May get it yiu will kniw as it’s painful 

good luck keep in touch



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

8 Dec 2018 20:52 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel,

Thanks for posting and keeping in touch.

Mucas, I would say a little better...not dramatically and still sticky mouth a lot, but do feel some improvement.

As for oral thrush....they did think I had at one point but was swabbed and came back negative so one less medication to take.

My doc prescribed to the chemist direct a months supply worth of Ensures !!!!

lol chemist scatching head and double check as so damn many, although Im hoping I would need to use them all.

So all good I guess ish...sleeping more than a hibernating bear but again slowly slowly and will get there in the end

kind regards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

8 Dec 2018 21:02 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian 

we had to figh5 to get the dr to prescribed any food supplements ! They tried to fob me off with 12 strawberry amen shake some use they were script was for 5 a day x31 days he issued me 12 125 calories a drink for a month m!!!! Umm  what a battle we had ! Had to get hospital,involved and c.c.g. In the end it was all due to budgets which what we  thought but didn’t help me one little bit at the time .am dreading if I have to go back but fingers x I am realy only having 2 a day and every day an eating more .plus am buying my own Ensure powder s to help 

sleep is ok I still have 2 naps a day and the mucus is still with me find warm peppermint tea helps  to thin it down ,but might have said it before the mucus is our bodies way of protecting our throats. No help I know 


enjoy rest of weeken try nit to do too much retail therapy



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

9 Dec 2018 01:49 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel,

Why such a battle for drinks?

My docs really supportive and never batted an eyeline and ordered a months supply with no issue.

I see them as medicine as its not something one would volunteer to drink on an ongoing basis.
Aware budget restraints and they are actually quite expensive. I think I worked out from Amazon they are around £2 per drink so 5/6 a day x a month is expensive.
I hope I will not need them all and wil return what I dont need but if you need medication you need medication.As there is a reason for prescribing them, Im not sure how practical or useful handing out 12 drinks for the month are?

At least some improvement re mucas and im pleased at least one sign of improvement but as for sleep its a funny one. I can be watching something for example then its a wave comes over me that I just need to go to bed. Often just power naps for a couple of hours then im fine again, but I find the need to sleep is still there quite a lot and would say Im with you on 2 naps a day and very occasionaly 3.

How long do you nap for and do you get a full nights sleep?

Glad you keep posting as its good to bounce off someone who has been there and knows exactly what I am talking about re symptoms.
You have done great tho Hazel and interetsting how your body is slowely adapting and how you experiment with food intake to see what works for you and what dosnt.

So one thing I wanted to ask you was your experience with the morphine.
Ive been on oral morph for some time now and around 4 weeks on MST crystals as well. The slow releasing MST, I thought wasnt working until I reduced for a day and then got some pain back in mouth.

So basically, if you dont mind me asking, what do you take in way of morphine now and was it done on reducing dosage? Im keen to come off but obviously will do so in conjunction with medical advice.

You still pie girl? lol

enjoy rest of your weekend too and apologies if I talk too much.

kind regards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

9 Dec 2018 10:24 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian


Firstlybthe oramorph or my best friend in hour if need as I called it.lije u didn’t want it but didn’t want the patches either  have been in it since middle of August .i tried about 4 weeks into recovery tomreduce ut but in too much pain. So 2 weeks ago. Week 12 I’ve started reducing ut every 2/3 days was taking 4 times a day 5 mls sole to Macmillan nurse they said slowly do it so yesterday I was down to half a mill 3 times a day and 1 ml at night. Thus morning I didn’t take any been 4 hours and am ok somwatch thus space will takenhalf at lunch time none tea time n half bedtime slowly slowly monkey. Co codomol next but will leave anither week Before I address these 

Napsdown tin25 min after lunchtime tablets and power nap go to bed fully dressed n snap 25 mins later up same atvtra time tablets 25 mins .


nightime I see unwere up at witching hour 0400!!!!

it will stop but around week  10 inwakemupmaeound 2 am 3 am but now lean iver getba drink of water 

Spray saliva in my mouth woke then e at 0615 tablets back to bed til 0845 it does get better it’s just forcing thatbsip of water in.

as for drs onkybresponce ingit was budget budget wouldn’t mind proormtomthus I made an appointment to see one if the partners as I don’t go to drs from one year tonnext oh he made all the right noises but when it came down to it it’s all about the money .the hospital were disgusted but likewise they couldn’t prescribe as didn’t want it from there budgets ,got a 6 page letter addressing my complaint with every other line being if we have let undown we apologise fat good that was when I needed the drinks yes expensive we are buying complan toneek them out as i don’t want to go back and face anither battle  

thank you for complement s will take them n if u can help anyone I will willingly  yes still the pie girl meat n potato for lunch today and wait for it bbq spare ribs from Tesco for tea the meat is surprisingly soft just don’t put the extra sauce in 


keep in touch 

don’t be in a rush re oramorph it’s there for a reason I found out the hard wayb3 days pain for trying to be brave slowly soowyHazel