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Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

15 Dec 2018 16:09 in response to Oscar2020

Hi Dave

umm could well ne thrush it’s quite common no matter how religious we are at mouth cleaning the tongue ceases to donits job until u can’t use it we have no idea how much work it does do.


ive had oral thrush on and iff all the way through and my mouth accordingbtindrs is one if the cleanest they had seen.

i bought iff Amazon 3 toothbrushes curaprox 5400 soft bristles they really do work think about £10 for 3 .if you find the duraphat toothpaste too strong which I did changebti mildest sensodeyne you can get.


re thrush keep an eye on it ask in Monday they should prescribe Nystatin for you , thrush can make it painful to eat and drink which is the last thing you want.

i am 15 weeks post radio and still having some issues but lunchbtodaybwas a bacon sandwich in a panini bliss ,there’s is light at the end if the tunnel.

just don’t suffer in silence see the radiotherapy team in Monday. Are you having chemo as well ? How many mire radiotherapy I had 35 sessions 

Try toneat as it’s possible thatbin a few weeks time yiu can’t ans yiu need to keep your weight in


take care Hazel


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

15 Dec 2018 17:48 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel im on the duraphat toothpaste and soft brushes it seems fine for me, Im having 30 Radio sessions and have 20 left to go , no chemo as I caught it early, i`ll mention my problems on monday or Iv got a hotline number  if  needed too. I know about keeping my weight up in fact I put some on in the first week to get ahead of the inivitable loss.

This bloody desease consumes  your every waking hour and half the night, sorry for the moaning Im feeling miserable today but im grateful for the help and treatment there are people 10 times worse than me.



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

15 Dec 2018 19:06 in response to Oscar2020

Hi Dave 

it certainky does itsbone of my favourite sayings when something else pops up. U are entiteles to feel how u arrvfeeling we didn’t ask for it .

yiu May have told me where in uk are you ?

i only had 2 chemos which were enough ,butbjust keep remembering lightbat the end if the tunnel


shout out if yiuneed anything or just want to rant




Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

15 Dec 2018 21:56 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Thanks Hazel im from Manchester and being treated at Christies so Im in safe hands.



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

15 Dec 2018 22:48 in response to Anchor1707

Hi, my husband was diagnosed with cancer at the base of his tongue this week.  Have an apointment to see the Oncology team on Tuesday 18th Dec. Ian, I just wanted to say that you have helped us with your blog. At least we have an idea of what lies ahead, which may not be the right thing for everyone, but is helpful for us. 

Everyone on this thread has given us hope that he will beat this, and that although it's not an easy journey, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel! 

Hubby is dyslexic, so I will come on here on his behalf with any questions if that's ok. Obviously it's early days for him, so there may not be much to say at present, but I just wanted to let you know that your blog has been helpful, so thank you. 

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

15 Dec 2018 22:57 in response to Anonymous

Hi Elbie and welcome to the forum. We are a small group of people going through treatment and like me , those who are or who have supported someone through it. My hubby was diagnosed with tonsil cancer and lymph node metastasis in December 2015 after 5 cycles of chemotherapy and 30 fractions of VMAT radiotherapy plus a neck dissection he has been cancer free and in remission for 2 1/2 years - in fact 3 years ago today he was in hospital gaving had his tonsils removed and multiple biopsies. Just to say that the members here are always happy to answer any questions or just listen when and if you need us - its a tough road but you’re not alone. Caring for a loved one undergoing the treatment comes with its own stresses and anxiety so shout out if you need to chat. If youd like to chat more privately then feel free to send a friend request and Id be more than happy to chat.

Wishing you all the best with your appointment and pop back and let us know how you’re getting on.

best wishes


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

15 Dec 2018 23:59 in response to Anonymous

Hi Elbie,

Thank you for your message and Im so glad you have found my little blog helpful. All I really wanted to do was to at least help one person and I have also found it therapuetic to jot down journey.

Ask away any questions you like as often as you like and even just to chat or rant.

You are right in that its not an easy journey but there is light at the end of the tunnel and the prognosis is good and highly treatable.
You are welcome to friend request if you ever wanted one on one and if you found helpful.
Its great to have the support here and there are many practical tips that you dont really think of but are really helpful.

Lots of contributions and little things can make it just a little easier.

Pleae keep us posted on how you get on next Tuesday with Oncology ( one little tip that I pass out as definately helped me is to ask for radiotherapy appointments first thing. I had mine mostly 9.00am and helped great deal as out way first thing and didnt break up day so had rest of day for undisturbed rest/meds etc, but that was a personal thing and may not suit you )

Again as you say, early days for you, but nonetheless you are more than welcome to ask away and if there is anything I can do at all to help then please do not hesistate

kind regards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

16 Dec 2018 09:50 in response to Anonymous

Hi Elbie

welcome to our small friendly exclusive club that no one really wanted to join 

I am Hazel 15 weeks post Radiotherapy ask away any worries doubts questions will try to point you on the right direction.

i also wrote a blog from diagnosis day to present day with a contribution from my hubby . Like newlymarried says in here’s its as hard for the career as the patient and John my hubby put his point of view in it .

 anyway if you fancy a read yiu can find it in

likewwisemsend a friend request if yiu want private’s chat


statt the blog at the  bottom as the last article is the city’s 




hazel  aka RadioactiveRaz 


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

16 Dec 2018 15:47 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Thank you Ian, Emma & Hazel for your wishes and offers to chat. I'm still getting my head around it.... I thought it would be 6 weeks treatment, a couple of weeks recovery and then back to normal......Silly me!!

I'll be back in touch after we know what the plan is! 

Thanks again



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

16 Dec 2018 16:04 in response to Anonymous

Hi Laura


dont worry you wasn’t on your own thinking that !

one tip keep iff dr google my consultant told me that ,look st cancer U.K. and Macmillan forum you don’t need anything else ,like he said any figures are way out of date and anyone can write anything .the blogs that we have written are truthful facts what happened to us ,everyone is different .snother blog written about 4 years ago that helped me in the beginning is he is also in her under the nickname Vatch.

emma  @Newlymarried  has been a great source of reasoning for me.


just remember the cure rate is a very good one it’s just the treatment that’s nit pleasant but if me a 61 year old female can do it and come out the other side any one can 

please keep us up to date. Take a pen n paper with u ask questions ,was he diagnosed h p v 16. + do u kniw or ask 


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

16 Dec 2018 16:09 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel.... I read yours and Gary's blogs last night as well as Ian's. I'm a firm believer of 'forearmed is forewarned'. Wink


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

16 Dec 2018 16:26 in response to Anonymous

 hi Laura 

yes agree ,but like I said don’t scare yourself too much just keep to tried n trusted sites. It’s treatable n cure able if I can do it any one can. 

Keep in touch and anythjng u want to know just ask



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

16 Dec 2018 16:28 in response to Oscar2020

dare I ask United or The others. ! We are united although from Yorkshire I am allowed as mum n dad were from Hyde and Denton .

judt watching  game now. Yes in good hands at Christie’s 

keep in touch 


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

16 Dec 2018 16:35 in response to Anonymous

Hi Laura

Forewarned is definitely the way to go. We had no one to talk to or get any advice from as we embarked on our journey and I only found this site once Paul was in remission .

Once you have a plan if you want to chat please come back and if we can be if any support then here we are.

best wishes

Emma aka Newlymarried 

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

16 Dec 2018 16:49 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hazel Im red born and bred. Happy

Had trouble swallowing today so I contacted Christies.. to cut a long story Im on Oramorph and some drops for Thrush.