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Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

18 Nov 2018 17:42 in response to RadioactiveRaz

thanks Hazel,

tbh I was concerned as well re medication after treatment stops end this week but to be fait my GP really good.

I phoned hime Friday re this and he re assured me I wont be left without and not to worry about quantitles etc and would make sure ok. He admitted communication between hospital good be better and they are not really updated timeously all the time, but he took a note of all my meds so not a surprise when I put through as repeat prescrption.

I'll post end week how I get on but thank you for words of encouragement.

kind regards



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

19 Nov 2018 12:52 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel,still in employment but not worked since treatment started on 2 July.Will be working til 67 I'm afraid due to naff pensions.Also have expensive hobby so not working is not an option,besides I like my job and I'd get bored,I  need the routine.Dont expect to be back at work til after Xmas really.Company have been good to me though so not had the worries that some folks have.Tried gluten free brown bread yesterday with some soup and it went down well.


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

19 Nov 2018 14:43 in response to Johny7

Hi Johnny 

i will be 66 when u get them oittance if state pension so in meantime spending daughters inheritence !!!!LOL Onkyngot the one daughter and she will certainly spend anything we’ve left. 

I worked in travel for 35 years so travel was our big expensive now we have a long term rental on an apartment in Murcia 5 mins dorm sea and try n spend about 16 weeks a year there other than that live quite cheaply although after this experience it’s a case if unwant simething ****** ut buy it it was certainly a wake up call.

your hobby motorbikes by any chance !!!

we cycle that’s been our main hobby niw just returne dfor 19 days At apartment but  oncologist gave me permission to go and I actually managed to bike 100 km it was so brilliantly just having the freedom .

strangely bread as long as toasted I can eat spread with lurpack but will look for gluten free n give it a try 

The salmon fillet was perfect 3 mins a side in frying pan then popped in hot  oven for 3 more and I ate it all how was pasta and prawns.

hope the weather isn’t getting u down I was just pleased treatment was  in the summer .

pleased your work has been understanding like yiu say nit all of them are 

keep in touch 




Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

19 Nov 2018 15:00 in response to Johny7

Hi John 

My hubby definitely found gluten free was the way to go to be able to manage bread, biscuits etc - bit of an acquired taste but he soon got used to it. 2 1/2 years later he can manage most things now even a crusty baguette! with loads of Evian water( his water of choice ) to help !! 

He worked from home all through his treatment- 5 cycles of chemo- 30 fractions if VMAT radiotherapy and a neck dissection as he has his own business that is computer based so he could  even work whilst hospitalised with sepsis and extreme vomiting - though I wouldn’t recommend it ! 

Keep up with the eating - trial and error we found as everthing tasted different from before.

good luck




Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

19 Nov 2018 15:39 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi,Hazel,yes I'm motorbike mad,have been since 17 and I'm 60 soon.Not been on the road bikes since about week 4 of radiotherapy and not been track riding at all this year with this thing.And yes I found toast and lurpak an easier option than dry bread,with copious amounts of tea!!!  Funilly enough I've not tried gluten bread toasted although I might soon as I miss beans on toast an awful lot. I do have about 8 different pensions but they won't pay anything like my current earnings so I'll stick at it so I can enjoy life to the full.Hope you get to enjoy lots more time out in Spain.We're Greece fanatics and usually go twice a year but only once this year thanks to this thing!!!

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

19 Nov 2018 15:46 in response to Newlymarried

Hi,Emma,I got the gluten free bread tip off another thread on this site that I read through,in fact it might have been off one of your posts as you're username looks familiar.If it was then thanks.The baguette bit gives me hope because I miss my bread the most,a lovely bit of bloomer with bacon and egg on I would seriously kill for so maybe just maybe in the future.Yes some things do taste strange.


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

19 Nov 2018 15:47 in response to Newlymarried

Never thought of gluten free and not sure benefits but might be worth a go.

I'm lucky as well in that I have been able to work from home throughout treatment and found quite therapuetic and productive. Also managed to get power nap when i needed it.

Again lucky as computer based and managed to access work networks from home so worked out well.

I dont think I would be able to work if any manual work involved.

4 treatments to go then hopefully on the mend and I am longing for either fish n chips or chicken korma n rice, just to make change from the esure drink menu of banans/cho/strawberry.

Soup/custard n rice and look forward to something little more tasty end enjoyable espacially when cooking is a hobby of mine and make all sorts cuisine from scratch, but sure in good time will find taste buds again.

its funny how you take things from granted when you eat what you want only to find them taste metalic when you normally enjoy.

Small price to pay though short term.

onwards and upwards



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

19 Nov 2018 15:59 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian

gluten free is eadier to swallow as its made from semolina flour which breaks up more easily and with less saliva making it easier to swallow. On the downside ut can be cardboardy and usually has more added sugar but thats not always s bad thing when trying to maximise calories. Warburtons New bakehouse sourdough or tiger cob from sainsburys or waitrose is the best ! Steer clear from tesco own free from range ! really cardboardy . Genius products are ok to but all of the crumpets are really heavy ! 


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

21 Nov 2018 19:51 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian 

good luck for tomorrow your last day of radiotherapy!well done in reaching this far ,remember ask if yiu need anything or any questions .

i brought my mask home sick souvenir I know she’s hanging in the garage some hospitals allow you to bring them home just thought I would let you know that one .a lot if people don’t want them then afterwards say wish they had kept it. I look at ut this way it saved my life fingers x.

take care keep eating , watch out in nuggtbfir mouth getting stuck tip I gargle gently with warm salt water .taomwater too harsh for me so I used mineral in kettle and mineral water to drink and cool it down lanyway enough if my waffling


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

21 Nov 2018 20:16 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel,

Thank you and one day to go !!

I already have a mask as 1st one didnt fit and they let me take it home, but im not sure I want it around the house but thanks for letting me know.

Stuggled past couple days with eating and from consipation to taking laxido then diarahhea.

Feeling sick past cpl days and stuggle to get anything down so will ask for anti sickness tablets tomorrow as well.
I have booked 3 weeks annual leave from Friday and looking forward to treatment being over as its been a long shout and ive had enough now lol.

Sleeping more than normal past couple days, but just going with flow along with meds and trying to get through final hurdle. Aware that i will continue to feel naff for some weeks tey, but hoping to at laest be on te start of recovery once treatment stops

kind regards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

21 Nov 2018 20:18 in response to Anchor1707

hi again. out and maybe wishful thinking..

I have 2 more treatments to go and finish on Friday lol

kind regards

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

21 Nov 2018 20:30 in response to Anchor1707

Hi ****** was convinced while in bath it was Thursday n. Use message u. Oops oh well thoughts are there !, gives u a day to think about keeping the mask !,,


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

22 Nov 2018 13:22 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel,

Hope you have found your lost day! lol

Feeling bit better today after cpl days feeling bit washed out and after meeting with nurse today , was told to make sure I have at least 2 ensure drinks a day as struggling with taking anything and lost few pounds this week.

But only one more treatment to go tomorrow - who and hooo....and looking forward to at least this part finishing and then buidling up strengtth as weeks go on.

Back on nebuliser and I think I should have use more often as it maybe helps more than I thought with the mucas.

Still trying to have positive head, managed quite a bit of work today and onwards and upwards from tomorrow

kind regards



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

22 Nov 2018 14:19 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian

made use of my lost day by dragging myself n hubby to cortonwood and xmas shopping a task that needed doing !

good luck for tomorrow ,just a word of warning don’t try and do too much please I know 3/4 people who in first week after treatment overdid it and ended up in hospital .! Dehydration and lack of food .

at one point. Just remember it took 6 week 5 times a week to get the radiation into yiu it takes at least 3 times as long to get it out if your system .if u touch my neck I still feel heat from it 

 I was on 5  Ensure and 2 fresubin I still take 2 30 min power naps in day one after tablets at lunch and one at tea time. 

Re nebuliser I made it part if my routine for a good few weeks including middle of night It’s was wake up rinse take tablets try n get some Ensure down me even i night then nebulise then clean teeth put lip balm on biotene  gel on gums n teeth then bed .

the biotene gel is good for maintaining moisture u can try and get it prescribed or get your dentist failing that boots chemist. Biotene also do a mouthwash I have ut but too strong for me still 

good new today I am sat eating a tin if plum tomatoes admitting slowly but it’s a vegetable !!!!!! Up to now plain boiled beetroot and soft carrots if I am lucky . I miss fruit n veg.

oh well the tomatoes have defeated me managed 3/4 tablespoons its a start  

did I say I had a radiation burn the entire length of my tongue the oncologist had to catch the edge if tongue to ensure he had enough margins he apologised for nit telling me at the time but said it had to be done hence why I am having problem so still but looking today it’s now reduced to maybe 3 cm .

once again slowly does it think tortoise and hare m in this case we are defiantly the  tortoises.dont iver do work either 

thinking if yiu living in table for last time hearing the click of the mask being undone is quite emotional and at our hospital we get a bell to ring in reception I said all along I wasn’t doing it .but in the end I didn’t and hearing the clapping as getting then  congratulations made it worth while 

best wishes

Hazel look forward to reading uodates keep in touch 

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

22 Nov 2018 15:43 in response to RadioactiveRaz

That last radiotherapy session lives with you forever I reckon,remember it like it happened this morning even though the last 6 months have been a bit of a blur."Would you like to keep your mask John"? No, ******* burn it,I'm sick of the sight of it! Then ringing the bell after, not wanting too but being egged on by wife and daughter,and punching the air felt very cathartic somehow.A wonderful feeling closing one chapter.