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Re: Radiotherapy

13 Nov 2017 21:16 in response to rileyroo

Oh it's a ****** ain't it I still got one son at home moved out then get made redundant and keep coming back but does pay rent now got job again.felt knackered before I was diagnosed body worn out I think .can't imagine having enough energy to return to work would need be part time.e never full time again.thought as get older things would get easier .have be more patient I guess 

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13 Nov 2017 21:19 in response to tigercub

Patience isn’t my strong point but I’m getting good at being resigned to situations. 

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13 Nov 2017 21:21 in response to Jbains

I’m the same Rileyroo I had just finished my bedroom nd pulled a strip of paper off the staircase t see how easy it would come off nd got letter for hosp. Looks a plight but not touching till ready cos it’s a big job... sigh. 

Def couldnt face building work at the min jbains but something to look forward to. 

Only get a meeting with the oncologist at the beginning nd at the end of treatment here (going with if probs might get more) they just hadn’t put me in for the 2 nd one ( they said I would have 1 but everyone else said it was on the schedule but wasn’t on mine). They line me up then take images based on these they then adjust position every session but I don’t have meetings with anyone. The oncologist told me at 1st meeting that there would b lung damage ( that was before the 1st measurements were even taken) said it could not b avoided as the beam goes through. 

Last 2 times I was in waiting room nd chatting with others there was someone on their last session- it was great t hear nd made me feel better Happy x

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13 Nov 2017 21:22 in response to rileyroo

Yes it's surprising what you can cope with when faced with it . consultant was surprised when I declined her offer of sleeping pills and councillng .don't need anyone tell me why I'm feeling bit down .think it's to do with having 2 cancers love .sorry I'm very good at sarcasm

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13 Nov 2017 21:25 in response to tigercub

Didn’t get any of that. It’s diy round here. 

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13 Nov 2017 21:32 in response to tigercub

Both my girls moved out then each asked if they could come back to save towards a deposit to buy a house. They both have their own homes now - so there is light at the end of the tunnel lol. 

I’m retired nd sooooo glad cos for me I would hate t have t go back t work lol( but I am 60 so older than the other ladies:-) x


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13 Nov 2017 21:35 in response to Sandra123

I quite enjoy the job, my immediate boss is a pratt but hey ho, every one knows so it isn’t just me 

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13 Nov 2017 21:49 in response to rileyroo

Ha ha. Well you can’t have everything Rileyroo but u have one of the best things ever- a job u enjoy. X

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13 Nov 2017 22:43 in response to Sandra123

Tigercub - I turned 50 in Jan 2017 and haven't worked since.  Would prefer part time local job paying well but those are few and far between. Don't know if I could handle commuting, full time job and running house.

If you feel ready Rileyroo then getting thinhs as close to back to normal will be best for recovery but always put yourself first.

Hopefully all the issues I've had are all behind me. Shall wait and see. Still no appt with counsellor although breast care nurse had session doing that last week. Get angry and tearful still but could be menopausal. 

Sandra let's hope you don't have lung damage. You're almost done so stay warm and rest.

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14 Nov 2017 08:39 in response to Jbains

The rt I dealt with most was very careful to avoid as much lung damage as possible, he actually decided to get the second ct scan done to try and keep it to a minimum not to mention that the amount of swelling I had was distorting the measurements anyway. Considering that I carried on swelling after the second scan I’m not expecting to be without side effects at some point. 

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14 Nov 2017 13:45 in response to rileyroo
I knew it was too good to last - am fatigued today and very dizzy. Got dull to stabbing pain in breast and armpit. It always reminds me so I don't forget what I've been through.. Sideffects I'm afraid are a given of some sort. It hits you like a brick wall when it's all going well. But it's another day and it'll pass. Make sure you take it easy rileyroo. How'd it go today Sandra?

Re: Radiotherapy

14 Nov 2017 13:57 in response to rileyroo

TBH I was told nd still wanted t go ahead after all the fully informed doom nd gloom. So guess I will just deal. 

Only 4 more t go nd all still well:-)

They said ONLY use the Q.V. cream NOTHING else- ive used 3 tubes nd asked for some more tday nd the gave me Aquamax.... hang fire....where’s the Q.V. cream I’m only supposed t use. They said the Q.V. had 1 active ingredient in it that someone had an allergic reaction to so t use the Aquamax. Ok then here’s hoping this works as well as the Q.V. did sigh. 

Hope everyone is having a good day peeps. X

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14 Nov 2017 17:42 in response to Sandra123

Changing the goal posts, just what you need!

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14 Nov 2017 18:35 in response to rileyroo
I really do wonder about these goalposts.... Remember me getting worked up about my mammo last week that didn't happen? Well nurse told me mammo will be in Feb. Next day get a letter for mammo dec 2018. Oncologist said back in June mammo would be this year oct-dec. So being utterly confused I rang up breast care unit and was told (after looking at my notes) my mammo should be next month dec and they made a mistake. Imagine if I didn't ring and just left it? So ladies question every thing until you are satisfied. So mammo now on dec 11th. I write or make notes whenever I go for an appt now as I certainly don't recall a thing after my appt. So best thing about this time of year are the little oranges you peel. I have about 4 a day! It's about the only thing I have felt like eating for last 3 days. Finding out info on your own and making a hood judgement seems to be the best option. Man cold is continuing.......

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14 Nov 2017 18:49 in response to Jbains

Just had my first little orange of the season, whole box left to go!

I’m thinking about recording my next appointment, can play it back afterwards.