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Radiography for Lung Cancer

12 Jan 2020 08:23


My husband had all his tests before christmas and was told on 23rd December he has Lung Cancer in 1 lung and "possibly " one lymph node. We met with the oncologist on 3rd January to discuss treatment. She recommended combined chemo and radiography but due to the possible side effects of chemo and his previous health history he has decided to opt for 6 weeks of radiography only. The oncologist said it would have 15% chance of cure which isn't great odds but at least it's a chance. The odds with chemo were 20% and without any treatment he was given 12 months.  We go on Tuesday for the planning scan. He is in a fair bit of pain which he has meds for but the treatment doesn't start till 28th Jan which is more than 2 weeks. Going by the rapid increase in pain since before christmas I'm worried he will be in agony before that. Does anyone else have experience of successful radiography treatment only for lung cancer? Seeing him in pain is awful and I know it's going to get worse

Radiography for Lung Cancer

14 Jan 2020 15:32 in response to KMV

Hi KMV, 

I'm not sure what time the planning scan is today but I just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you and wishing you both all the best.

Hopefully some of our lung cancer members will see your post and share their experiences with you soon but do feel free to use the 'search forum' option in the blue bar above to find discussions to join in on that are similar to your own.

We have some general information about this treatment on our website but our cancer nurses are just a phone call away on 0808 800 4040 if you'd like to talk things through with them as well. Their phone lines are open Monday - Friday between 9a.m - 5p.m.

Kind regards,

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Radiography for Lung Cancer

14 Jan 2020 15:57 in response to KMV

Hello, my husband was diagnosed in 2017 and was the same one lung and lymph nodes, 6 to 8% success rate with chemo and radiotherapy and he's also got copd and is an amputee, so not good.  But three years on its just started to grow back and yesterday we were offered more radiotherapy which he is taking.  I don't know what stage your husband is but mine was stage 4.  It is a gamble but the treaent does shrink the tumour, we have a wonderful lady oncologist and we follow her advice.   Good luck.  Carol 

Radiography for Lung Cancer

14 Jan 2020 22:27 in response to Moderator Steph

Thank you Steph. All went to plan today so back again next week for CT verification. X Kaz

Radiography for Lung Cancer

14 Jan 2020 22:31 in response to Dor06

Thank you for your reply. My husband was given T3/T4 stage. The biopsy said T3 but the PET scan said T4. So lovely Ely to hear your husband has done so well. I hope the next round of radiotherapy is as successful as the first. Do you mind me asking did your husband have an OP or chemo prior to RADIOTHERAPY?

Kaz x

Radiography for Lung Cancer

15 Jan 2020 10:46 in response to KMV

Hi Kaz, yes he did, we took our oncologists advice and because it was stage 4 it had to be blasted from all angles.  Hope all goes according to plan for you both.  Carol