Together we will beat cancer



8 Mar 2017 19:34

My journey continues - had CT scan & markers for prep of radiation treatments. I'mfine every day trying to get on with it. Whenever i have a hospital appt it just makes it all so real again & brings my emotional state right back down. I want to just cry. Does this mean i haven't accepted my cancer & am not dealing with it? I don't know how to feel any more. I've always been known as a very strong person but feel my strength has left me.


8 Mar 2017 20:37 in response to Jbains

Hey. Dont be too hard on yourself. I had breast csncer last year and now im all clear. I got good days and bad days. The journey is a long one. If you wanna cry do it. I didnt cry gor any of my treatment and I wishni had. Think it may have helped to let my guard down abit. Radiation is fine, you have gotton through the worse. Always abit scary of something unknown. X