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7 Mar 2018 14:05

Hi I am a 51 year old woman who has always been generally fit and healthy, but most recently I have had some worrying pains in my pelvic area, lower back and from my left bum cheek down my leg. The pains in my pelvis are intermittent and can be on both sides one minute then just on one side another, there is no pattern in regards to how often or how long they last, it can be a few seconds to few minutes apart. Ian still having periods but the time before last I was late then last time back to normal date. No bleeding in between and normal amount. Please can u she’d any light in what could be the cause as I thinking the worse. 

Re: Question

8 Mar 2018 16:54 in response to Sharron6422

Hello Sharron 6422,

Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, as nurses, we cannot tell you exactly what the matter is, and we always suggest that people go and see their GP with any new, or persistent symptoms.

There are many causes for pelvic, back and leg pain. It does sound though like you may have sciatica down your leg. One of the most common problems that GPs see are back problems originating from a muscle or back disc problem. Your irregular bleeding may or may not be related, but do give a good history of things when you go.

I can understand your concern, but most things are not cancer and have a straightforward explanation. But do go and see your GP and they will assess you and advise further.

I hope that you get this sorted out soon.

Best wishes,