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Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

29 Aug 2019 19:29

Hi all hows this i had pains in my groin like a normal bloke i waited for a while then went to gp he said right we will do a full blood count within a week rang to say my psa levels were raised and he had referd me for a two week apointment with eurolagist well they rang with a apointment in two days 8am dont drive. Got to hospital at 8am saw eurologist 8.30am he said he wasnt to worried as ptotrate felt ok and said he was sending me for mri scan  saidjust ito be sure.i said when. he said now took my form round in ten mins was in getting preped by 10 am i was back sat in front of ehrologist he said my protrate was enlargedand they could see a slight anomolie and i could have a biopsie or they could moniter it over the next year have lost my partner not long ago through slow lousy treatment not at this hospital might i ad .i went for the biopsie he said i would need genral anasthetic and this was Wednesday i said when he said friday well couldnt arrange someone to be with me i  such short a time so he said next friday then he said he needed .more bloods and preop assessment so went for that i was home after all that at ive had biopsie had an appointment to see him in two weeks . Now this is my point you never wait longer than 15 minits to give blood if they can can do that why are all the other hospitals so slow and inefficient this ones skint like the rest its a bit run down but why can they do this and others cant why dont anyone going for this mention to the consultants the speed i was being treat at and why cant they do it and see what they say eh ive had family members treated at diffrent hospitals and the inefficiency has been so obvious if it wasnt so serious a thing it would almost be a comedy how they keep bringing people back for scans the back again then back again till sometimes its io late me not looking for a reply ime just putting a point across .paul

Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

31 Aug 2019 22:02 in response to Paulus

Hi Paul, 

Just wanted to say I hope you don't have to wait too long for these all important biopsy results. I am so sorry you are having to go through the stress of these investigations. You've been through enough in the last year, methinks... 

Crossing fingers, toes, everything that everything turns out to be fine for you.

Keep us updated please! We'll be thinking of you in the coming days. 



Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

31 Aug 2019 22:16 in response to Moderator Lucie

Why thank you most kind ime so lucky the health authority i live under is so efficient . I guess theres no point bleating .my post was more for otheres that get messed about  if they can do it the otheres can to. that was my point thanks .paul

Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

6 Sep 2019 07:09 in response to Paulus

Hi Paula we seem to be in the same boat I have prostate cancer and my wife had meyloma at the same time she passed half way through my treatment I didn't think they were very efficient with her treatment either 

Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

6 Sep 2019 10:52 in response to Newb

Hi thanks for reply so sorry your going through this alone yes my partner was under a diffrent health authority at the start they were hopeless almost to the point of negligence in my oppinion got it wrong said it was something else months for scans after they came back with results i got her transferd to mine i cant give names on here but were famouse for steel but it was to late tme and and they get away with it  . Ime still waitng for biopsie reults myself as they havnt cone back just yet but its itly been week were as other hospital to 9 months  they need to get rid of the managment and gee up the drs .and scaning department ime sick of them bellyaching now i used to be sympathetic to the drs and nusrse but from what ive seen thats over now some are excelant but a lot are not . Now if the do something wrong i put em right straight away you have since they brought in degree nursing its its got worse rant over .hope your prostrates treatments working out for you i suppose its i post code lottery ime under d.on.caster poor town skint hospital but very quick and efficiant peoplr moan about it but only because they have never been anywhere else ive neve waited long than 1en minutes to give blood theres six plebotomists on all the time same with scans they dont keep you coming back for months and month prevention is better than a cure and so much cheeper but they seldom practice it regards paul

Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

6 Sep 2019 11:23 in response to Paulus

Had radiotherapy begining of June ended 1st July my wife died June 16th have been back but not had a PSA test yet not really bothered if I was to tell the truth hope you get a good result back mine was aggressive localized prostate cancer and PSA was 11 gleeson score 9 best of luck 

Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

6 Sep 2019 11:47 in response to Newb

Goodness having to deal with loosing your poor wife and then this makes me feel humble realy i understand when you say your not bothered when we loose our partners our life seems to end i just wanted to not wake . Just trying to pull myself together and hit with this then the said i was prediabetic i just whats next my psa pas 7.4 two weeks later it was in the 5s consultant said they could do a biopsy but need genral anasthetic or the moniter it i thought crumbs thats like having the sword of damacleas over my head and seen how aggressive cancer can become. So opted for the biopsy bit uncomfortable after but at least il know .so how are you coping are you in much pain betteer still are you getting any support it makes it worse from a practical and emotional sence not having the support of our partners made a hundred times worse buy our grief .so how you feeling silly question realy but i mean it .paul

Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

6 Sep 2019 12:37 in response to Paulus

Radiotherapy was ok but side effects not to good bowels explodes every now and then but is slowing down a bit not to much control over bladder sometimes hope it improves soon all that and greving to not much fun at the moment 

Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

6 Sep 2019 13:10 in response to Newb

Hi understand its a nightmare ive crohns diease and know what exploding bowels are . Ime hoping its iorth it but we have to are you getting counciling the local hospices are best you just ring them they are  about the best dont know how i would have gone on without that weekly life line and lets be fair loosing a  partner is the worst .

Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

6 Sep 2019 14:44 in response to Newb

You to take care of yourself the grief does vet eisier regards paul

Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

6 Sep 2019 18:40 in response to Paulus

Hope you find some peace in your life Paul and get a good result for your prostate. 

Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

9 Sep 2019 22:33 in response to Paulus

Hi Paul. I'm crossing my fingers and sending loads of hope and kind thoughts your way. I really hope that it's nothing serious and that everything will be ok. Please keep us posted. All the best. Sarah

Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

9 Sep 2019 22:39 in response to Serapine8

Why thanks Sarah funny never expected this but not getting results till 19th at least ime under a good hospital that dosnt mess about  not thel the rotton load of rubbish liz was under ill let you know .paul

Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

9 Sep 2019 22:42 in response to Paulus

That is good to hear. You deserve to have good, speedy treatment like what Liz should have had. Liz would be so pleased and relieved to know you are getting seen to quickly.

Proper investigation of prostrate cancer

10 Sep 2019 01:42 in response to Serapine8

Ime sorry how are you now you were going away for a holiday to get away from it all did it help at all feathers do seem to be very prominent but like you having that feeling with the robin its a feeling like sixth sence we can feel something intangible but its there theres more goes on than we will ever know Sarah or are ment to .paul