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Post oesophagectomy aspiration

15 Oct 2021 17:22

Hi folks, 

My husband is a year post op Oesophagectomy for adeno. Coughing since op and CT scan on Wednesday showed no reoccurrence yay- but he has aspiration. He has had one ballon dilation. Anyone out there know what the treatment for this is. They are planning a barium swallow to see what is going where, but anyone know where it goes from there.



Post oesophagectomy aspiration

17 Oct 2021 16:02 in response to Hilts

Hello Hilts,

There is some information here on the test itself and the possible next steps. Your husband's medical team will also be able to address any concerns you might have.

Best wishes to you and your husband,

Moderator Anastasia

Post oesophagectomy aspiration

19 Oct 2021 15:12 in response to Moderator Anastasia


okay- the 'diagnosis' is in. No evidence of recurrence, which is of course good. BUT, always 1-2, He has something called a 'transhiatial hernia' which will need fixing as too much small bowel poking through! So more surgery ):

Anyone out there have any idea what that entails

Many thanx