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Post masectomy

22 Aug 2017 16:07

I'm just 6 weeks post masectomy and just wanted to share my journey ... I'm 63 years young and after being diagnosed grade 3 I thought my time was up and I climbed on to the roller coaster of coming to terms with all the emotions that come with it ... When I was feeling overwhelmed by the speed it was going I watched a program of children's cancer ward and I was so surprised how brave they were and they were still smiling .. it made me realize if they could do it , I would take a leaf out of their book and not let cancer change who I was or let it take away my sense of humour... So I started looking at it as a journey not a battle and I would take every thing it through at me ..

Although I had a few setbacks in hospital , the ward I was on was amazing .. we found something to laugh at every day .. like when I put my first prossthsis in my bra and didn't know it had slipped a little and I asked my new friend in the next bed and her husband what they thought .. he said I'd have to change my name to one hung low it made me smile all day ..I know I am lucky as I am a mum Nan and two great grand kids so I'm great full for the life I've had ...

I've just been given the news it was 'low grade tumor' and I don't need cemo and I am still in shock (nice shock) it all seems like a dream in a way .. so I've wrote this as being a grade 3 lump can still have a good outcome ... 

If I'd been lot younger it would be a different story ... So my heart goes out to everyone who is finding it overwhelming .. it also helped me taking one day at a time .. so a big hug to all those who are on their own journey ...  My thoughts are with you all xx

Re: Post masectomy

23 Aug 2017 02:23 in response to Chriss


Hi Chriss,

I'm delighted to hear that you have had a 'nice shock' when you were told that you have a low grade tumour. I lost my Mum several years ago to metastases from breast cancer. Now I hae breast cancer too. I have had two bouts of primary breast cancer. I was first diagnosed 7 years ago, when I was 61. I found the second the following year. I had a lumpectomy the first time, followed by Tamoxifen and a double mastectomy the second, followed by Letrozole.

Unfortunately, I was not a suitable candidate for reconstruction, so I have been wearing prostheses for the past 7 years. I don't let this stop my activities. I still go to the gym  and go swimming, so I had to laugh at your description of wearing your prosthesis for the first day with 'one hung low'. We need to have a sense of humour with prostheses - I could tell you of many times when I have been caught out too.

Are you going to bother with reconstruction? Your description of children with cancer is quite true. Children are wee troupers when faced with this horrible disease and it does put our problems into proportion. I have always referred to this as my cancer journey, which like any journey, has its problems - I just don't want to reach my final destination too soon!

I too am a Mum to 2, with 2 fantastic little Granddaughters. Here's hoping that we will both have many more years with them.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. There is always someone here whenever you feel like talking.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Re: Post masectomy

23 Aug 2017 09:49 in response to Chriss

Hi Chris's, I also have a grade 3 breast tumor and when diagnosed, I thought my life was over. It's a terrible shock at the time, but staff have been fantastic and reassured me that it is treatable. I am currently having chemo, which is a tough journey, as the tumor was triple positive, making it quick growing, aggressive type. When the chemo is over I will be having breast surgery. As yet I do not know if it's a mastectomy or a lumpectomy, depends how it shrinks with the chemo. Like you, at 60 I thought at least I have had a life, when you read about youngster with cancer it puts your own into perspective. It's great that you have retained your sense of humour as that sees you through a lot and like u I also see it as a journey and take each step as it comes. Friends and family are a great support and on down days, they pick u up and u carry on. Good luck with your journey x

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23 Aug 2017 22:29 in response to Jolamine

Hi jolamine... 

Thank you for reply ... no I'm not going for reconstruction... I feel quite o k with my little prosthesis , I call it Betty ... Betty boob   probably would have done a few years back but feel at home with it all now.. 

It must be so hard for you losing  your mum to it too .. there are so many people going through the same as us and it's so good to be able to chat on here and feel it's a sort of cancer family where we can share and care together  ... 

Isn't it wonderful having gran kids where you get all the fun and non of the work ... mIne are 26 /24 /15 /13 / 5 AND 3 and they make life worth living .. Not bad from two boys ... how old are yours? And yes hope we get a bit more time with them ....

Well here's thinking of you and always look on the bright side if poss ... and maybe our mums look down to keep an eye on us  ... they never leave.. they just wait for us ...  a lovely saying I'm trying to live by is 'don't wait for the storm to pass .. learn to dance in the rain'  so let's make the most of every day a..

All the best ... big hug xx

Re: Post masectomy

23 Aug 2017 22:41 in response to Disney

Im just sending all my thoughts to you .. hope they shrink it good and it all goes well for you .. take care and take one day and one problem  at a time and try not to let it overwhelm you ... 

Like you I have this wonderful family who keep me from drowning ... I just feel for anyone going on their journey  on their own ... the op went a lot better then I imagined and I really am o k with it as I was prepared with what it would look like and I thought at my age I can live with that .. 

Take care and thinking of you ... Christie xx