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Post-biopsy anxiety

26 Jan 2019 23:21

I'm 35. I had a biopsy on a thyroid lump last week. I've been reassured it's very likely benign. It has blood vessels and is part solid so they want to check.

During the pre-biopsy ultrasound, the doctor located loads of extra cysts. And then when looking at the large lump and suddenly went ''Oh gosh!' and flinched in his seat. He called the trainee Dr over to look at it, and started talking about it but I can't remember what he said. It was something about the borders and it practically disappearing into the thyroid tissue. He then took loads of screen shots :/

I asked after the scan what he thought and the The Dr reassured me again that it looks benign, and mentioned the blood vessels, saying nothing about the borders. They did the biopsy, left the room and someone else came in to shepherd me out. 

My brain is going a bit crazy. I keep reassuring myself that they would have conveyed any extra concerns to me... Right? So far the consultants have been very open about test results.

Post-biopsy anxiety

26 Jan 2019 23:35 in response to FluffyMango

Hi FluffyMango.

I think this is a case of doctors where the first doctor spotted some something unsual, and called the second doctor to have a look.  However, it would be a mistake to equate "unusual" with "dangerous".  For all we know, the two doctors are collaborating in research and your scan provides them with just the images they need to write a research paper, or maybe the first doctor was just building up a collection of images to help in his teaching.  You really shouldn't assume that because they were engrossed in your scan, that what they saw is going to seriously affect your health.  And if they had seen something to worry you, then they would have told you.  So please try to keep calm about this.