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possible tonsil cancer

7 Dec 2020 13:28

Hi all,

Currently going through the mill. Last year I had successful surgery for Prostate cancer (all removed) and thought I may have some respite. Maybe not. Have had a cough for about 6 weeks and then last week I noticed one tonsil large with the other still tiny. Ear pain on that side too and I am 53, non-smoker, non-drinker.

Seeing ENT on Friday but I think I have already put 2 and 2 together using dr google and am now fairly terrified! Of course I have no real idea if it tonsil, or from somewhere else but mind is racing. 

Been looking at posts on here and if it is tonsil (or anywhere in mouth) then it seems an arduous journey and I am not sure I am up for the fight! I have literally just got myself back together after the Prostate problem. I am feeling very low.

Statistics don't seem that great either, 50% after 5 years? Or am I doing too much reading and people are getting better odds these days? I don't know, my mind is a mess...

Any words of encouragement welcome and sorry to sound so self-indulgent!

Thanks, M

possible tonsil cancer

9 Dec 2020 12:49 in response to needstrength

Hello needstrength,

You did so well to get through your surgery so I can understand that you would be nervous about these tests on your tonsil. There is no way of knowing until you get your results, so it's important to focus your mind on other things. It can be tempting to look for answers on an online, but this can end up increasing anxiety rather than making you feel better. Try and stay away from google and fingers crossed for your results.

Best wishes,

Moderator Anastasia

possible tonsil cancer

9 Dec 2020 18:01 in response to needstrength

Hi Please please please keepmiff dr google. I am now 28 month post radiotherapy for tonsil cancer h p v 16+ and my oncologist s first words to me was I am looking at cure so that’s good enough for me. I had no symptoms what so ever in my mouth , all I had  was a lump in my collarbones , it’s verybrare for tonsil cancer to appear without the lump. I had no ear a he no sore throat in fact I had just cycled 1100 km in Spain 2 weeks before diagnosis .

i have a blog www.radioactiveraz.wordpress,com yiu will se what I went through .But please keep off google ,the figures  on there are wildly out of date ,treatment is hard but I was 61 female and I did it .

remain calm Hazel

possible tonsil cancer

9 Dec 2020 18:12 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Thanks Hazel - I have read so much about ear pain and an enlarged tonsil it has driven me to distraction. I have long bad history with dr google and I have no idea why I keep doing it! Habit I suspect and it just sends you down rabbit holes, none of which make you feel better! 

Also the figures are scary, but then I had prostate cancer last year and that wasn't a ride in the park to be honest.

I am also a little itchy and just dont feel right - which is how I felt before the prostate diagnosis...

I don't know - it gets a little tiring, all the worry! I wish I just felt wel!!

Thanks for taking the time to reply - really appreciate it

possible tonsil cancer

9 Dec 2020 18:13 in response to Moderator Anastasia

Thanks Anastasia - agree on the online never helps but seems to be a magnetic draw. Will try not to tomorrow and see if I can help myself!



possible tonsil cancer

11 Dec 2020 13:38 in response to needstrength

Saw the ENT today - interesting.

My GP who referred me said my tonsils were assymetrical and I can definitely only see 1 tonsil whereas I used to see none (they seem well buried).

ENT was more thorough of course with the spatulas and proceeded to tell me they were not assymetrical and were both classed as 'size 1'. I told him I had ear pain and sometimes a little pain when swallowing as well as a bit of discomfort in a node on my neck (to be fair that node has been playing up for about 10 years). He has ordered an MRI, he says, mainly to provie to me rather than him that it looks ok.

Due to the GP saying one larger than the other I asked this question at least three times and he told me 3 times they were the same size! Why then can I suddenly see one every time I look in my mouth whereas up to the age of 52 I couldn't see either. He wasn't sure and suggested it is tongue positioning or something...all seems odd!

I guess I expected to feel reassured by him taking a good look, and being a very experienced ENT I would expect he has seen a lot of mouths now! 

Still have a sore throat (7 weeks now) that he has put down to nighttime reflux and possibly post-nasal drip, which I do suffer from this time of year.

Suspicion for me is that he is assuming stress/anxiety but I would also think he would show more concern if there was concern to be shown! The notes on the MRI say 'GP concerned assymetrical' which also interesting as it looks like he is, in effect, saying it is the GP, not him, that has prompted the visit for scan....

Anyway - typing this more for my own catharsis but if it resonates at all then any advice very welcome!