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Possible melanoma?!

11 Jun 2019 21:01


Around 4 years ago i noticed a new mole of the top of my foot. It's very small (around the same size as the tip of a crayon) and it is nearly black. 

I never paid it much attention as I get a new mole every year but this morning it was itchy and when i went to itch it i noticed it had a scab on the top which i accidentally itched off. The mole itself still looks the same as it always has upon inspection but google has drove me crazy and I have been sick with worry all day. 

Has any one been in a situation simular and can share their experience? 


Possible melanoma?!

11 Jun 2019 21:21 in response to EmilyLou12


I would go and get that checked out if i were you, any change in a mole should be checked just to be safe and for your piece of mind!! 


 I’ve had a large (about 1.6cm) mole my whole life on my right side and in the last 6 months it started itching and i get a slight pain.


Went to the docs today and she immediately gave me a 2 week referral to the hospital to have it checked as its suspicious. I’m totally freaking out and wished i went sooner to get it looked at Sad


best of luck to you

Possible melanoma?!

12 Jun 2019 08:17 in response to EmilyLou12

Hi EmilyLou12,

The only advice, as already given, is to see your GP. If they think it needs further investigation you will be referred to a dermatologist, usually within the 2 week rule. It doesn't necessarily mean it's cancer but it needs checking out by a consultant. Moles can sometimes itch and scab and be perfectly fine but it should always be checked out for peace of mind. Good luck and please let us know how you get on,

Angie (melanoma patient)

Possible melanoma?!

12 Jun 2019 08:19 in response to Roseleaf

Hi Roseleaf,

Sorry to hear you are in the same position and now awaiting a dermatology referral. As I said to EmilyLou, it doesn't necessarily mean that your GP thinks it's cancer but if they can't rule it out they have to refer you, as per the NICE guidelines. Good luck, hopefully it will be fine. Please let us know how you get on,