Please help us with some usability testing

5 Apr 2016 11:47

Hi all

We are always looking at ways we can improve the forum for our members and one of the things we have been working on is improving the search functionality. On Tuesday 19th April we will be carrying out some usability testing on the Cancer Chat forum which will take place in North London

We need to find some Cancer Chat members and also others who may not have used Cancer Chat but have been affected by cancer either directly or indirectly and might use the internet to look for support, who can help us with our testing

The sessions will take approximately 40 minutes and you will receive a £40 payment for your time

Below is a full brief for participants so anyone interested in helping out please do get in touch by emailing  and let us know a bit more about yourself and whether you access the forum on a phone, tablet or desktop/laptop computer

Brief for usability test participants

Date of test session: Tuesday 19 April
Testing: Cancer Chat Forum & Search

We are looking for:

- Patients (or friend/family of) – who have been affected by cancer either directly or via a close loved one

- Male or female

- Age predominately 40+

- You might use the internet for shopping, Facebook etc. – but aren’t a heavy internet user.

- You could be part of a cancer support Facebook group or a cancer support forum (including Cancer Chat)

- You're not necessarily very computer literate or tech savvy

- You should be comfortable using a smartphone, even if it's not your preferred device

Thank you Happy