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Picc line

2 Dec 2017 19:11

Having my picc line put in on Monday and feeling nervous x

Picc line

4 Dec 2017 20:32 in response to Janelucia

Hello Janelucia,

As I noticed you still haven't received a reply I thought I'd stop by and welcome you to our forum.

Also, you mentioned you were to have your PICC line put in today, how did it go? I hope it was not too bad.

If you find a moment come back and let us know how you are getting on.

Best wishes,

Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator

Picc line

4 Dec 2017 20:53 in response to Janelucia
It went a lot better than expected Chemo and radiotherapy starts on 12th x

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4 Dec 2017 21:41 in response to Janelucia

Hi there

I noticed you’d had no replies so just to wish you luck with your chemo and radiotherapy. My hubby had chemoradiation last year and although it was tough and a long road he is now in remission and doung well.

best wishes



Picc line

4 Dec 2017 22:04 in response to Newlymarried
Hi Emma, can i ask what sort of cancer your hubby had please.

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4 Dec 2017 22:36 in response to Janelucia

Hi there - of course .....

He had squamous cell ca in his tonsils and metastasise in his neck lymph nodes. Following treatment( chemoradiation) and surgery ( neck dissection)he's been in remission since July 2016 and is doing well.

best wishes


Picc line

5 Dec 2017 02:41 in response to Newlymarried

I hope everything goes well Emma.

I am due to start chemo in 2-3 weeks and dreading the PICC line thing myself. They say I have to have one because of my tiny veins (I was hoping for a port, but not sure if that's a viable alternative).

How do you find living with it - is it OK for things like showering? 

Emily x

Picc line

5 Dec 2017 06:43 in response to EmilyS

Emily,  I had my picc line put in yesterday and got myself in a state about it but believe me it is fine and nothing to worry about.  For showering they have told me to buy a limbo sleeve.




Picc line

5 Dec 2017 08:50 in response to Janelucia

Thank you.

I'm desperately hoping for a port - but we'll see.

But it's good to know it went fine. Happy

Picc line

5 Dec 2017 11:58 in response to Janelucia

Hi, I had the pic line and it made life so much easier as you know now, it really didn’t hurt having it put in, hope your on the road to recovery .. Debbie 

Picc line

7 Dec 2017 00:49 in response to EmilyS
Hi Emily, I had a Picc line fitted about 5 weeks. You feel nervous for the first few days of having it that you may bang it or get it wet. For showing I have a waterproof sleeve again the first few days you are nervous that it will work and have a shower in about 30 seconds. But after a few days I was back to a nice long shower. What I would say is wear a tube a grip at all times over it, including in the shower. My dressing were not lasting a week at the start but now I use the tube a grip, it’s lasting the week.

Picc line

7 Dec 2017 10:04 in response to AntD

Thanks so much!

I've got a PICC line cover on my amazon wishlist, so hoping for that - plus a waterproof sleeve. Incidentally, which waterproof cover do you have?


Picc line

7 Dec 2017 12:47 in response to Janelucia

Hi....don’t worry about having a picc line....I had mine for 5 was taken out 2 weeks ago....

i had no trouble with it at was painless being put in....and painless coming out...makes it so much easier for blood tests and chemo.....good luck in your journey....x

Picc line

9 Dec 2017 19:13 in response to EmilyS


it was a limbo MP75, I got it prescribed to me when they put the PICC line in, but no where will have it in stock. They chemists need to order them in. 

You should get it free with your medical exemption card. 

Picc line

9 Dec 2017 19:42 in response to AntD

Got my limbo cover from amazon x