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PET scan queries

12 Feb 2021 19:07

Hi all, 

Husband has been undergoing treatment for oesophageal cancer since last JUly. We are almost finished ,another 3 FLOT to go ):. He has had 2 PET scan, but we've never asked " does the PET scan do whe whole body or just the 'dodgy bit' . I have always assumed that it does the whole body,  as they say he is 'visible disease free' so how would they know that without seeing the whole bod.

Any  info welcome


PET scan queries

13 Feb 2021 09:55 in response to Hilts

I assummed also it is whole body, as this is how they check for spread? Now am wondering the  same! 

PET scan queries

13 Feb 2021 14:12 in response to Daisy71

Hi Daisy,

How goes. We are chugging along.  1st post op chemo done. Although the side effects of the 'poisoning' are defo there, in force ,I think it is very much psychological now. He has been off work since September, on 'lockdown'. I have been going to work as usual and that distraction has kept me sane. Seeing my usual colleagues, moaning about 'da management' laughing at their appalling 'managerialism' and talking about everything but the elephant in the room. He has had none of that and everything has been about CANCER.

He is now on the 'I wonder if I have it anywhere else spool. Hence my question about PET scanning, bit I am guessing too that the chemo will stop anything from getting any ideas anywhere- hence the point of it.

PET scan queries

13 Feb 2021 15:16 in response to Hilts

Glad to hear you and your husband are doing ok. We had our vaccines this morning yay! I am only 49 but they let me have mine, as I am caring for him. I explained I cannot be ill in bed, simple things like being present for meals (choking risk) and preparing food etc are essential. 
My husband is on his third round of EOX, and on a half dose this time, as it floored him last round, he couldnt get off the sofa, or eat, amd had awful upset stomach. Now he is eating fine, (apart from meat) and up and about too. We cant complain! Take care. Good luck for the next scan.x

PET scan queries

13 Feb 2021 15:30 in response to Daisy71


Yep, we have been jabbed too. I should call my self Hilts 69, we are about the same age. I being 51.....I think (:. I got jabbed as a 'key worker' ,He got his for being on/ off chemo as he is 56.. but through all of this cancer , I have not been 'worried' about Covid, but yep you are dead right , I don't want to be laid up in bed when I have him and kids to see too.

Are you like me this afternoon, all sitting in the living room watching sheeeite on the tv, (currently- 'murders that shocked the nation' !!!!, laughing at totally inappropriate stuff!)!not even ars***d to go and 'excerise' or out for 'essentials' way to cold. His chemo contains a platinum, so his feet are 'numb' anyway (:

I don't really object to be 'forced' to do nothing.......quite 'enjoying it'

PET scan queries

13 Feb 2021 16:21 in response to Hilts

Hi best thing is to Ask hubby if scanner went from head to toe when doing the scan or did it just do part, All my scans have been from head to toe, they only do part neaded quicker and easier on the patient.

Got luck with treatment.


PET scan queries

13 Feb 2021 18:18 in response to Billygoatt


thanx Billy. I'll ask him, but I doubt he'd remember, seeing oncologists at some point, so will ask them too, but just fishing.(: