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peritoneal cancer secondary to bowel

21 Sep 2019 06:37

Hi everyone 

My husband was diagnosed with 1st stage bowel cancer at 26 years old, 3 years ago and originally had the cancer removed. 

Due to an emergency operation due to bowel perforation following a baloon dialatation of a stricture he had to have a hemicoloctomy and stoma fitted about a year and a half ago.

We've just found out now that he has peritoneal cancer secondary to the bowel diagnosed through a PET scan.

Next steps are to get a biopsy done and start chemotherapy in 1-2 weeks and hopefully no surgery is required.

On top of it all I'm pregnant at the moment so feeling a little bit stressed about the next couple of months and I'm just looking for some support and any information anyone has would be so helpful.

peritoneal cancer secondary to bowel

23 Sep 2019 15:36 in response to Anchie123

Hi Anchie123,

Welcome to Cancer Chat, though I'm sorry to hear why you've joined. 

I can understand this recent diagnosis is difficult news, but, particularly as you're pregnant, it's important to look after yourself also. It seems like there is a clear plan for the next steps, but if you ever need to talk to someone our team of nurses are available on freephone 0808 800 4040, lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

All the best to you both,

Moderator Anastasia

peritoneal cancer secondary to bowel

23 Sep 2019 17:45 in response to Moderator Anastasia

Thanks Anastasia