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PEG feeding.

1 Feb 2018 07:43

Does anyone know which liquidiser/blender is best for PEG feeding to prevent blockages or is it better to have ready prepared food.  Trying to search out best way to tolerate large number of calories through radio and chemotherapy whilst not be8ng able to swallow very well.  Thanks to anyone with knowledge

Re: PEG feeding.

1 Feb 2018 09:03 in response to Debro

Hi Debro

Welcome to the site and its a good question. My hubby had a PEG during his chemoradiation treatment for primary tonsil cancer and at times it was the only way he could access fluid and nutrition. We had ready prepared high protein drinks and bottles of complete feed calculated by his dietitian that was delivered over 12 hours via a pump. As a nurse I would say dont try to put anything you liquidise yourself down the tube as you run the risk of not only blocking it but not providing adequate vitamins and minerals required to keep going tbrough such gruelling treatment. The tube can get damaged by small particles and they are notoriously difficult to unblock.

Other members may have different views and will probably be able to give you other points if view.

Good luck and best wishes