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partner newly diagnosed

8 Feb 2018 23:00

hi my partner has just been diagnosed with nsclc and im really confused. at first they said it had spread to his lynph nodes now they say it hasnt. he is t4n0m0 which has confused me. he is also diabetic so will this mean he cant have surgery and what willl be the outcome? 

Re: partner newly diagnosed

8 Feb 2018 23:19 in response to jenb

Hi there Jen.. ..welcome to our chat room ...I'm sorry I don't know what " nscic " is , but hopefully someone will pop on here who does ... but can say, my lad (36) is diabetic and he has had couple of operations ...  though not cancer ones and they put a glucose drip up, halfed his insulin and tested his blood glucose throughout ... and I stayed with him over night to check him till he was back to normal ..

If it's not in lymph nodes that's a good sign too ... so sending you positive vibes ... Chrissie x

Re: partner newly diagnosed

8 Feb 2018 23:36 in response to Chriss

hi sorry he has non small cell lung cancer . i just feel so helpless at the moment. he wants me to organise our wedding asap (to make sure im protected by law.... his words) The doctors have said surgery is a posibility but his diabetes is so out of control at the moment they need to get that right. im scared the cancer will spread before they can .


Re: partner newly diagnosed

9 Feb 2018 09:33 in response to jenb

Hi Jen, 

I'm sorry to hear about your partner's diagnosis and the confusion this is causing.

We have some information about nsclc tnm staging on our website as well as some general information about nsclc just here.

I would also suggest giving our cancer nurses a call as it may help to talk this through with someone. Their freephone number is 0808 800 4040 and are available Monday - Friday between 9a.m - 5p.m.

Best wishes to you both, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Re: partner newly diagnosed

9 Feb 2018 09:39 in response to jenb

Hi there jenb ... fingers crossed they can stabilise his blood readings ... l can understand him wanting to get married soon ... so that should keep your mind focused a little....  try to keep your mind in the day .. although that probably feels impossible right now , there's no easy way through this ... but hold on tight .. and I'm keeping everything crossed for you ... this is a great place to get all those feelings out and know we are all on this cancer journey in one way or another ...

Sending a big hug ...Chrissie ❤ 

Re: partner newly diagnosed

3 Mar 2018 09:18 in response to jenb

Hi Jenb

My husband was also diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in Jan 18. 

I have found the Roy Castle lung cancer website a great help as there are lots of people living with and being treated for lung cancer including stage 4 and this has given me hope and realistic expectations due to new drugs becoming available to lung cancer patients. There are also carers posting on the website which understand what you are going through.

My husband is surprisingly fit and well, we have good days and bad days mentally.

I recommend getting married and getting a will as well. We have been married for 6 years and went to get a will arranged as soon as he was diagnosed as we have 5 children from previous partners.

I was concerned to find out that without the will my husbands brothers and sisters could go for his estate leaving me in a financial predicament.

Just make sure you are financially protected so that you can concentrate on giving your partner all your love and support. Make sure you tell him everyday how much you care and give him lots of hugs. I sometimes think that a hug is the best therapy of all!

Sending you a big hug and lots of positive vibes