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paplillary thyroid cancer Worried

3 Sep 2022 11:29 in response to Gbs113

Hi there.

Just been diagnosed with this too. Was a whirl whind or appointments and test. Consultant said had 3 nodules in thyroid 3cm in size and cancer has been detected.

At review on Thurs i was sent for pre op assessment, bloods and ecg. Had CT scan of lymph nodes on Fri and surgery is booked for next Thurs.

He said full thyroid will be removed possible some lymph nodes too. There may be a chance I need the tablet and some radiotherapy.

I asked had it been caught early, his reply "no" but not to worry. He was quite surprised no symptoms had been displayed other than a lump 7 weeks ago.

I havent really had time to process whole thing as its been quick moving and a shock.

I try not to worry as in reality it is out of my control but its human nature to do so.

Take care

paplillary thyroid cancer Worried

3 Sep 2022 20:37 in response to DeeDee46

Hello itwas a shock to me to with all the appointments and tests but quicker get done the better I think I only had left side removed first now going to have other side removed  but from what i experienced after the Op I only had minor pain for couple of days Then I felt fine other than Horse Voice which only come back and week go


try and stay stay positive you will be on the mend sooner than you think 



paplillary thyroid cancer Worried

3 Sep 2022 20:54 in response to DeeDee46

Did they say there was a chance you would need radiotherapy or radioiodine therapy? They are two very different treatments. Radioiodine therapy is usually just a one-off and just involves taking a capsule. I never had radiotherapy so don't know much about that, but think it is a lot more involved and tends to be repeated.

Hope all goes well with whatever treatment you need. It's hard not to worry. A cancer diagnosis is bound to be a shock. 

paplillary thyroid cancer Worried

17 Nov 2022 23:06 in response to MargaretMary

hello hope everyone doing ok just update had my op had the full thyroid removed.   phone consultation today to say the  ct scan I had before the second op shows might have thyroid tissue left there from the first  not sure if it's concerning or not so booked in for ultrasound scan next week fingers crossed nothing serious .

hoping to get radioidne done soon to get it over with but look like scan push it further away 


hope everyone's doing ok 

paplillary thyroid cancer Worried

24 Nov 2022 23:22 in response to liverpoolnat82

Hi, I had my right thyroid removed in October and cancer was found. I'm waiting for a second operation to remove my left thyroid follow by radioidone treatment. May I ask when you start your treatment? How long do you have to wait after the operation?

Hope you are doing ok.


paplillary thyroid cancer Worried

24 Nov 2022 23:31 in response to Xiu

Hi there I am ok thanks. I have now been told that I won't be needing the RAI treatment as my nodules were just under the required measurements. However I have been for an ultrasound on my neck today as I am still having a feeling of something pressing on/stuck in my throat. While I was there they took 2 fine needle biopsies, one either side so just got to wait now and see what the results of those show. Not quite sure what they seen think one was a node and the other possibly residual thyroid tissue left over.

I was told by my consultant surgeon that you can't have RAI for at least 5 weeks following surgery. Think they like you to have it within the first 2-3 months. Hope this helps.

Take care and hope all goes well with your second surgery.

Natalie x

paplillary thyroid cancer Worried

26 Nov 2022 18:33 in response to liverpoolnat82

Hello hope your doing ok 

paplillary thyroid cancer Worried

27 Nov 2022 12:05 in response to Gbs113

Hello. I'm in a similar situation. Had my right one out and found cancer cell. The size is about 5cm. The consultant said he also removed two small glands which showing cancer too. Had CT scan, it's all clear but consultant advised to have total removal and raidioidine treatment. I'm waiting for my second operation date. Was told will do treatment six weeks after operation. I don't understand why there is a need to wait for six weeks. I ask is it possible to delay surgery or treatment. The consultant said no. I don't understand this either. I have several holidays booked so may have to cancel them. I don't understand why I need second operation and treatment when the CT scan is clear. The constant said because of the size of the tumour. Is difficult to understand the situation fully. I feel like I need to do as advised even though I'm confused. 

Hope everything goes well for you all. 

Best wishes and take care

paplillary thyroid cancer Worried

27 Nov 2022 12:22 in response to Xiu

I think it is for fear there might be tiny microscopic cancer cells that did not show up on the CT scan but that might cause recurrence in the future (the terms there are probably all wrong, but as far as I can figure out, that's the gist of it).

I do think it's odd that they can't delay treatment though. My specialist said about the original operation that "that's not going to do anything in the immediate future, but psychologically, it's probably better do it soon" and that the radioiodine treatment "could be arranged at your convenience but should probably be done within the year."

paplillary thyroid cancer Worried

16 Jan 2023 07:37 in response to liverpoolnat82

Hello natalie

how are u you keeping now? I have also just been diagnosed with this variant , have you had your radio iodine treatment? 


paplillary thyroid cancer Worried

16 Jan 2023 07:55 in response to mel78

Hi there I am still plodding along. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I have not had any RAI as was told by nuclear medicine specialist that they didn't think I required it as my biggest nodule was not quite 1cm it was 9mm. 




Anyway I have still been having issues with my Throat so I was sent for an ultrasound and they took 2 fnas. One came back as a reactive lymph node and they weren't quite sure about the other so I was sent for a whole body thyroid i123 uptake scan. I had to go to hospital 4 days on the bounce 2 days for thyrogen injections the 1 day for radioactive tracer and bloods then next day for the scan. They said that it looks like I have thyroid tissue remaining in my thyroid bed as this is where the uptake was but that the rest of my body seemed OK. They have sent a report of their findings to my endocrine surgeon and I have an appointment with her on 26th Jan to see what is what going forward. I may possibly need the RAI after all to kill of this remaining tissue. My thyroglobulin levels are still elevated at 9.8 and my thyroglobulin antibodies are high too at 365. When they should really be near undetectable and under 20 post TT although this could be due to the thyroid tissue still being present. I will know more at my next appointment. 

I have been experiencing joint pain since Christmas which is getting me down a bit. I will mention this at my appointment as not sure if it is a symptom of this condition or a side effect of the levothyroxine.

Hope you are doing OK? Keep me posted on your journey and if you need to talk I am always here.

Natalie x








paplillary thyroid cancer Worried

20 Jan 2023 09:43 in response to mel78

Hi can I ask did you have a thy4 after FNA please? Not much on places about thy4 experiences. Thank you