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Pancreatic and liver cancer

6 Oct 2016 05:04

My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has went to his liver about 2 months ago, He chose not to go for treatment. He is not in hardly any pain right now. His stomach is larger and hard. Could anyone on here help me by telling me what to exspect?  The Dr. said up to 6 months with no treatment. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Pancreatic and liver cancer

6 Oct 2016 19:44 in response to Walkerontheroad

Sorry to hear about your husband. My mum died this morning having been diagnosed just 4 weeks ago with advanced pancreatic cancer. It had spread to many places and was very aggressive. You may not want to hear this, but last Thursday she wasn't too bad, made an appointment with the hospital hairdresser for Saturday, come Saturday she was bedridden and in a lot of pain, still able to hold a conversation just, smile at her granddaughter... By Tuesday she was barely coherent and just groaning in pain, very agitated. I was there when she died and for her it wasn't a case of passing peacefully in her sleep. It will haunt me forever. I don't wish to scare you, I'm sure everyone is different and I should point out after 4 weeks in hospital they hadn't actually sorted out proper pain relief. They were going to fit a pump thing to give constant relief today. I don't know why it took them so long, but the cancer did spread quickly and a lot in those 4 weeks.

I debated whether to type this but there's no sugar coating cancer. As you have a few months I would hope they will be better prepared with the pain relief and it will be more peaceful.

Pancreatic and liver cancer

8 Oct 2016 01:10 in response to Walkerontheroad

Hi my mum died 3 weeks ago of this and it was in her lungs but i have to say she was only diagonosed 6 days before she died and her only symptom was jaundice as her bile duct was blocked. As she was in no pain she just passed peacfully in my arms. My father in law had the same 5yrs ago and symptoms quite similar to your husbands. Just be there for him and im sure they will be able to control the pain. I know when its our loved ones who are suffering we all ask the same thing "why us" 

God Bless you both.

Julie x

Pancreatic and liver cancer

17 Oct 2016 19:27 in response to TJH72
No I very much appreciate your frankness. He has refused to allow hospice to come out so we have a mild pain pill. I was concerned about the pain starting o get worse. I have tried to tell him it might just start hurting worse without no warning but he is still in denial. It has spread to his liver we know that but as far as any where else we don't know. He doesn't see a Dr. since he decided not to take the treatment. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for answering.

Pancreatic and liver cancer

17 Oct 2016 19:33 in response to maisythedog12

Did your mom lose strenght and stop eating or anything? My husband just has a hard time getting around. He is in alittle pain. Yes it is hard. Our children don't live close by so they try to come on weekends when possible. I am so sorry about your mom. Life is so difficult sometimes. I have a strong faith and a great family and church so I know we will make it thru this but it doesn't make it any easier. Thank you so much for posting. Be blessed.