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Oxilaplatin anaphylaxis

23 Feb 2021 19:11

Hi folks.

Husband today has his 6th round of FLOT , so 2nd post op. He goes and gets a full on anaphylaxis!!!to the O = oxilaplatin. Adrenaline, more steroids,  the whole lot......

Thought we were doing too well!

He came around pretty quickly and recovered well. He is now home , drinking tea and wondering WTF., so am I tbh


1] Anyone out there had this spectacular event?

2) Why on the 6th, not on say 2nd or 3rd?
3) what happened after in terms of further oxilaplatin doses. He should be having 2 more.

thanx- any info gratefully received.

Oxilaplatin anaphylaxis

23 Feb 2021 19:54 in response to Hilts