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Ovarian cancer

19 May 2017 04:43

Hi, just wanted to introduce myself. 

Its 4 in the morning and once again I am wide awake, I only seem to need 6 hours sleep a night at the moment. 

I have stage 4b ovarian cancer and it has spread to my stomach and lungs. I had ascites that started off me going to the doctors on several occocasions and eventually doing a sit in at A&E because no one was listening to me. 

I have had 3 cycles of chemotherapy and my op and now on my 2nd Cycle of 3. I have weekly treatment as I am taking part in a clinical trial. I have another year of treatment ahead. 

I have been advised that it is not curable but can try and keep it at bay for as long a possible. The chemo is working well and my ca125 results have been amazing. I have also just had my brac1 gene results back and I ama carrier of this as well. Which I now uderstand why I've had it so young (46) and if I had a pound for every one who has said that to me. 

I am very positive and I'll keep fighting for extra time with my amazing husband and children. They are my rock and keep me strong, to everyone out there no matter what cancer you have or outcome. Life your life to the full today and make the most of what you have. Look forward to chatting with you and helping us all get through this difficult time. 

Re: Ovarian cancer

19 May 2017 10:35 in response to Rabcnesbit
You are such a strong lady.My Mum has stage 4 ovarian cancer too which has spread to her bile duct,lungs and lymph nodes.They have told my Mum she is palliative aswell and the recurring ascites is her biggest problem. I pray God makes this fight easy for the both of you. X

Re: Ovarian cancer

26 May 2017 21:32 in response to Rabcnesbit


I too have stage 4 ovarian cancer. It was the ascites that as led me to my GP too. I have had 6 lots of chemo and now on Avastin as maintenance. My ca125 is stable at the moment and I'm hoping that the cancer can be kept under control for as long as possible. I haven't had surgery as it was decided I wasn't suitable, even though I responded well to treatment. This confused me slightly as I thought having the operation was standard procedure. However, it was explained to me that as the chemo was working well, I would receive no benefit from surgery.

I agree, one thing this experience has tought me is to live life to the full. Facing a very uncertain future is scary, but all the time I feel well I'm determined to do as much as I can!

Take care and I wish you all the best with your ongoing treatment. X

Re: Ovarian cancer

30 May 2017 19:54 in response to Velvet

Hello lovely ladies. You all are amazing in what you are dealing with. My mum was diagnosed earlier this year with Stage 4 Ovarian cancer. We are all devastated. My mum has been amazing in the face of adversity and I know she has started posting on here. I hope she finds you ladies and you can help support each other through this battle you all face. Take care and fight the fight! ❤️❤️❤️

Re: Ovarian cancer

7 Sep 2017 18:23 in response to Rabcnesbit

I just wanted to drop you a note to see how your treatment is going?