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osophagus cancer diagnosis

16 Apr 2021 16:26 in response to Kodi

Hi Kodi, 

I never mind sharing our 'surreal' experience with full technicolour gory details LOL

The short answer in your case, is who knows- that is really not meaning to be flippant, but there is so much down there , in the gullet, and whenever you go for any procedure they always look for anything and everything and for most investigations like that they tKe biopsies when down there.

I would imagine you have an appointment brewing to discuss it with Doc's.

As for symptoms, if you are talking about oesophageal cancer, they are hugely varied. It is not seemingly a cancer that likes to be consistent in its presentation. I think it would be fair to say, if you flick back through post, most of us hand some trouble swallowing food, completely out of the blue, in our case one day he was fine, literally the next food getting stuck on the way down.

My guy has no voice change as a symptom at all- unless shouting at the kids(:, or TV LOL. Serves him right eh

Hope this helps, but I bet you are in a right state at the mo, wondering what is going on- fear not we are all 'experienced' in the rollercoaster that keeps on coasting- ask away.

best wishes


osophagus cancer diagnosis

16 Apr 2021 17:33 in response to Hilts

Thankyou for replying . 
I guess it's not long to wait . I hope they tell me something tomorrow . 
I too get things stuck and I had a barium swallow that shows the biscuit they gave me getting stuck but it eventually went down after fluid . 
I get pain in my chest after drink or any food even jelly and custard . 
I'm constantly clearing my throat and cough and bring white up . 
my doctor thought this was drip ? 
My voice goes after food especially . 
I have a lot of symptoms on the list but my Weight stays the same at the moment . 
where do I look at the posts ? 
Thankyou x

osophagus cancer diagnosis

16 Apr 2021 17:57 in response to Kodi

Hi Kodi,

So tomorrow is the big day. Fingers crossed for you. Trust me when I say 'I know exactly how you feel' (:

You must come back on here when you know more.
Good or bad, belive it or not this is the worst bit, the not knowing. Once you know either way then you can start 'processing' the whole thing. For us, once we has a plan, things, emotionally became quite a bit better.

We on this board are 'world experts' in the 'lived experience' - such a cheesy expression (:, one of the smart a.... marketing/advertising thingy's.

As for 'old posts' on the board just go back through the pages at the bottom.

If you want to look at a specific persons 'lived experience' LOL, then tap on their name , in blue on the left and look through replies and followed discussions.

I now think I must appear a world b******* expert!!! I only got on this ride in very late July last year!!. I just flicked through my oldies, from the start and they are pretty emotionally dramatic at the start, looking at them I cannot belive it is the same person! This site and board has been incredibly seriously helpful, informative and has seen me through really.

It is great to be able to spill out your thoughts, emotions and experiences'in private' LOL, - I know millions might read it, but it is the anonymity that sets you free to share your thought freely. Who knows we might all know each other without knowing so- if that makes sense(:

So fingers xxxxx for you. make sure you come back with the news- and yes I am a total nosey Parker (:

My emojis never appear well on here, so I just use the sort of smile


osophagus cancer diagnosis

16 Apr 2021 18:04 in response to Hilts

Thankyou . 
I'll do my best to get some news tomorrow . 
I'm having it done under sedation though . 
I couldn't imagine swallowing a camera when I can't swallow tablets

Thankyou for caring . It's tomorrow afternoon x

osophagus cancer diagnosis

19 Apr 2021 20:26 in response to Milly58

Hi Milly and everyone else reading 


yes i had the full operation but it was no problem at all , i have been posting my progress since my operation last june and i am getting back to normal now with not really any dramas to report , as i have said to others just ask about anything , its always good to hear from someone who is as far down the recovery route as me and how to deal with any hiccups which buy rhe way are also  a side effect of the procedure , anyway ask away and take care.




osophagus cancer diagnosis

19 Apr 2021 20:40 in response to RayB

Hi Rayb

so pleased you got great news , i know where you are coming from , after all the high activity everything goes all quiet and you are suddenly left without constant medical attemtion and that is all a  bit bewildering , trust me that is a good thing as it allows you ttime to heal properly , good about your weight i am still  a 30 inch waist and 77kg but am good with that now , as usual take care and keep in touch.





osophagus cancer diagnosis

19 Apr 2021 23:01 in response to dooggreg

Hi Doug,

So glad to that hear life returning to normal for you. I had my EUS today. Have to say was a little uncomfortable and I got very emotional at the end. Which I felt embarrassed about but not sure many people noticed if any.

They can see the cancer in lining but not too deep which is a good thing. They may have caught it early. They did say they noticed an ulcer at my ogj. But they couldn't determine yet if it was cancer or just an ulcer.

That's all my diagnosis tests done now, I will go back to hospital on Friday. They have said I am allowed bring someone with me for this. I kinda want to go on my own but my friends and family are insisting that I bring someone with me. 

I don't like a bug fuss made. I like to process things and then talk to ones I love with the correct facts and knowledge. I really hate worrying or upsetting them.

osophagus cancer diagnosis

20 Apr 2021 12:21 in response to Ruth79

Hi Ruth 

You are just at the start of your journey and the next few months will usually  be filled with tests and teratment in pretty quick succession , i have about 30 odd posts going back to last summer about my experiences and even have done reviews on google about my treatment , many of the others who post on here have been through the same scenarios since then  , i started my journey about a year ago so i would expect you to be in the same position as i am today this time next year , i am lucky enough to be able to put a very positive spin on the whole thing but only because of the first class treatment i have recieved from the NHS , trust me a year line passes quickly and i often wonder what the fuss was all about , i am a very happy bunny and have been throughout my journey and hope yours will be the same if i can help at any time with anything you are unsure about just ask , take care and keep in touch



osophagus cancer diagnosis

20 Apr 2021 19:32 in response to dooggreg

Hi Doug,

Thank you for replying. It does help as I'm getting anxious about the op which is scheduled for 4th May. On a positive my husband is exercising and eating well. At the moment I'm trying hard to take a day at a time which I don't find easy. My husband is very much more pragmatic about it all which is good. 

I'm pleased that you are feeling much more normal now. 

Thanks again.




osophagus cancer diagnosis

20 Apr 2021 20:23 in response to Ruth79


Ruth- you are soooo like me, I hate fuss and if I am going for 'that sort' of appointment, I would always want to go on my own. Exactly like you, I like to process my stuff first. I like to 'get it' first, then tell others or not tell them, depends on what is going on. No right or wrong way I guess, 

Glad you are going on Friday to get the verdict. They will also presumably give you the plan. It is weird, we felt a lot better emotionally when we knew where we were going.

The emotional stuff is really kicking in with us now ! Now we've been discharged from most stuff. The strangest thing, I am getting upset about good memories!!! , so is he. Thinking about past holidays n stuff. Also a really weird one, all the close  relatives who are no longer here, how much we would have liked to have chatted with them about it!!!!! What is that about?

Millie 58- of course you are anxious. My brain was like a washing machine on spin cycle with all the thoughts. The best 'remedy' for me was always ( still is ) distraction. I was at work the day he was on the table !!!!! I was probably as useful as a chocolate fire guard, but my colleagues knew what was happening and no doubt shielded me and carried on with total normality, I drove him in , in the morning, by the time I got home, within the hour the hospital phone to say it was all done......... don't ask me if it was the right thing to do, but it worked for me.

Watching cr** on the TV is quite a good distraction , as is clearing out wardrobes etc. Anything really that focuses you away from the op.

Anyhows. Off to 'distract' myself now (:

osophagus cancer diagnosis

21 Apr 2021 22:42 in response to Hilts

Hi Hilts,

Thanks, I am not working at the moment so I will need to sort a distraction for the day. Our eldest son has arranged to have some time off so I'm not on my own. Think we will go for a long walk! So difficult with COVID. Hopefully that situation is easing. Trying to keep busy before 'the day'. 

Hightened emotions bring back all sorts of thoughts. I guess you are at the stage where you are trying to assimulate the past 8 - 9 months. I'm pleased you are returning to some normality, I truly hope we can do the same. 

keeping the faith to use your phrase.


Regards to all






osophagus cancer diagnosis

26 Apr 2021 10:06 in response to RayB

Hi Rayb

Great to hear from you and that you are doing well.  It's always a worry getting the results - 1 had a +ve on 1 lymph node, but they said it was peripheral to the node and hadn't made any inroads.

This irritating cough seams to be consistent - I've now got my PICC line in for the 2nd FLOT (starts next Tuesday) and am looking forward to the DEX to kick in and see if that deals with it.  Hopefully it hasn't returned for Hilts husband after his final FLOT.

osophagus cancer diagnosis

26 Apr 2021 12:07 in response to bfg


I was wondering where you were BFG!!!!. Everyone , including me, has gone a bit quiet.  Me, because we have been helping out in a 'Lamb maternity ward' , and last night chasing them about. All good stuff especially for kids. No, all this has not turned us into 'sheep fanciers', a mate has a flock, so helping out.

Ah, The cough.  How do I put this. Okay, I'll just say it. He still has it, BUT we went on a crusade to manage it. Up shot= Brown inhailer from GP, a steroid to calms the irritation, also a upright pillow acid regurge. ( amazon)  swilling gaviscon at night. Much better, but one positives of the post op dex, it did stop in , all be it temporarily. Also not stuffing himself with platefuls of grub, in one sitting - arrrrggg (:, as of course the 'tank' - gut is half the size as to what it was, so gets fuller quicker, hence it also causing bubbling back up.  
I think, I would be right in saying, that you hit a 'flat spot' emotionally post op, as you have been , on a crusade and now most if it is done, also post op healing takes time, Doug has been very helpful on this part.

1 pos lymph node out of all they took sound pretty good. They removed it. Gone. , and that  is the point of the post op FLOT., what did the rest of the reportsay? Yes I am very nosey (:, but feel free to tell me to go away, if you'd rather not share. I felt we needed Bletchley park to de code ours, but with help on here managed it.

Imhave to press the fact that Doug is exactly right, time improves it hugely.

take care and keep the faith.





osophagus cancer diagnosis

28 Apr 2021 16:16 in response to Hilts

As if I could hide.

I am very mildy asthmatic, and have thought about going back on the preventatives - it's interesting that he has been put on them.

I had been sleeping upright using pillows, but now on a wedge pillow (also from Amazon) which combined with gaviscon seems to work.  Sleeping on my right side is manageable for about an hour and half, then it's back onto my back.

They only took the 1 node out - it was the only minor hotspot on the pet scan.  They are not very good at providing full-blown technical breakdown (I'm sure it's there if I asked for it), as there view is that its such an individual journey and you can be pidgeon-holed into something that may or may not happen, but what I do know is that it's a T3, N1, M0.

6 more days to the start of FLOT part 2!

osophagus cancer diagnosis

28 Apr 2021 19:42 in response to bfg

Hi bfg,

It's good to hear from you and that your results are good.I hope all goes well with your 2nd FLOT. My husband's op is planned for Tuesday 4th May.

Regards to all.