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osophagus cancer diagnosis

25 Jan 2021 17:13 in response to dooggreg

Hi Douglas

Nice to hear from you,I was at the hospital on friday gone and met the surgeon and team members my operation has been put back a week due to the COVID crisis.Yes taking it easy lol will stay in touch.





osophagus cancer diagnosis

25 Jan 2021 17:41 in response to RayB

Hi Rayb, good to hear you are ok. My husband is due to have his third EOX cycle next week (delayed a week due to unpleasant tummy side effects) his appetite came back slowly this week during the break, and he is managing to get some soft foods down, we actually had shepherds pie dinner together last  night woop woop! 

I love hearing everyones updates, this is a difficult time for everyone, more so for cancer sufferers and its good to talk, and be in it together. Take care everyone. 

osophagus cancer diagnosis

25 Jan 2021 18:02 in response to RayB

Hi RayB and Hilts

Just thought i would add a picture of me taken today 7 months post op as a positive piece of encouragement that things will return to normal over time rather than looking like you had escaped from somewhere , chin up everyone and keep posting.




osophagus cancer diagnosis

26 Jan 2021 14:25 in response to dooggreg

Good to see you looking well Douglas  

my husband has had a weeks break from his chemo meds, and is already feeling more energy, more appetite and this has inspired us that he will only feel so awful during treatment but that at the end he will hopefully recover well, as you are. 


osophagus cancer diagnosis

26 Jan 2021 14:44 in response to Daisy71

Hi Daisy 

thanks i just posted the photo to show that your hair does grow back and that the wrinkles sunken eyes and hollow cheeks do eventually start to fade , i know it can be quite a shock to friends and family the changes to your appearance during treatment and a wee bit distressing  as you wonder is this it for me , it did stop me going out in public for a few months but hey ho thats in the past and people recognise me easily now altough i still am 18kg lighter but all the better for it , anyhow if you need any support during your journey  just ask as i have told others i am happy to help, take care and god bless.



osophagus cancer diagnosis

27 Jan 2021 20:28 in response to dooggreg

Update from the front line!
hi all, 

Went to see oncology today for next phase. Told us that he is disease free yay,pathology and response to chemo was all brilliant. BUT, there is always one!. They have said that standard treatment is now to give 4 more FLOT. The reason being that some of the clever little f**kers maybe hiding somewhere or are so small that they are undetectable, so just in case they have plans of setting up home they nuke them.

We were expecting it, so not a shock, but we are trying to get our head around that this is actually good news!
He is quite 'upset' about going through another 4. I really get what he means. It will soak in for sure.

Hospital described it as a standard offer and belt n braces.

So good, but we feel a little deflated 

osophagus cancer diagnosis

21 Feb 2021 14:02 in response to Hilts

Hi Everyone,

The big day arrives on Tuesday, being admitted on Monday just wondering what people took into hospital to keep occupied, or what they wished they had taken in? Secondly did anyone have a change in there voice after the operation. Because of covid im trying to take in as much as possible as there are no visitors allowed. Been advised i will be in at least 14 days, so any tips, advice greatly appreciated.

osophagus cancer diagnosis

21 Feb 2021 15:16 in response to RayB

OMG Ray, 

I was just thinking about you ! I was thinking about your op and birthday!!! Don't worry though, not a pervo/stalker!!! I was coming on to post to you and there you were.

Anyhows- what to take in?. He took in a book, pants n t- shirts- that was it. - he was in a gown for 3 days.Small toilet bag. and essential ear plugs- quite noisy in there.TBH he had no time to do much. Between post op physio's getting him up & walking the ward,the next day and everyday after. He slept a lot. He also chatted with the blokes in the ward, who were all having the same op. I did take him a paper in everyday and a latte after day 3. They chucked him out on day 7! Probably on the early side as it was xmas eve! Your phone, charger and headphones= essential. We also did Skype calls for kid purposes as only one visitor allowed.

No change in voice, but an annoying cough. Which improves hugely with his chemo Dex.

He had a great histology and is now doing the post op chemo. Which of course is great fun.....  not. He is even almost mastering the post op eating- he's managed curry, pie n mash, gravy dinners etc. At the start is was all mush, but by week 6 he was on everything. He gets dumping ( what a surprise), but I really getting to grips with it.

So , good luck Ray and a 'happy' birthday. Getting rid of the ****** will be the best present.

osophagus cancer diagnosis

21 Feb 2021 15:30 in response to RayB

Wishing you all the best of luck for your op Ray, do come back and let us know how you are getting on when you feel able to do so! We are all rooting for you x

osophagus cancer diagnosis

21 Feb 2021 19:49 in response to Daisy71

Thank you for your comments and advice, will keep you informed of my progress.

osophagus cancer diagnosis

23 Feb 2021 17:48 in response to RayB

Hi Ray 

we are all thinking about you today , i am sure all will be fine and look forward to hearing how you are doing in weeks to come , take care


osophagus cancer diagnosis

9 Mar 2021 07:41 in response to RayB

Hi Ray, just wondering how you are getting on? Hopefully you are recovering well. 

osophagus cancer diagnosis

9 Mar 2021 20:51 in response to Hilts

Hi there  I have been diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus been waiting from march last yr and finally this Thurs having my 3rd gastroscopy feeling very scared and worried and waiting for CT scan 

osophagus cancer diagnosis

9 Mar 2021 21:57 in response to Rivers1234

Hi Rivers, 

Is this your 3rd monitoring scope? , do they do. CT as part of that monitoring. Of course you're scared and very worried. Completely human reaction, I never say 'don't worry' to people as it about as useful a comment as a chocolate fire guard, along with 'coping' and 'strong' what on earth do they 

During this whole affair, I found the only thing that help at all is distraction. Doing something, anything to interrupt that constant stream of (understandable) thoughts.

i will be a wreck once we are done with treatment for the 'monitoring' appointments every 3 months aarrrgg. Wondering if any little cells hiding under little toe are moving to set up home.

But what else can we do, but keeping plodding on .

osophagus cancer diagnosis

10 Mar 2021 14:43 in response to Hilts

Hi hilts yes it my 3rd one hope I kk I new to all this on here it's nice to actually  talk to someone who understands  thank you .