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7 Feb 2018 21:30

Hi everyone hope all well .we been bit low these couple weeks .but had letter today copy of what local hospital sent to specialist hospital with regards to surgery and I was discussed in today's mdt meeting and see oncologist friFri at 11 to discuss so it's fingers xx again . Letter says I'm 30_50%  disease reduction in liver tumors funny words and a profound response to chemo

Re: Onwards

7 Feb 2018 22:09 in response to tigercub

That sounds positive Tigercub!  Was wondering how you were getting on, take care

Re: Onwards

7 Feb 2018 22:16 in response to tigercub

Hi tigercub

It looks like a "profound" response means that the chemo is working extremely well for you. Together with the reduction in the size of the tumours, that sounds like good news. 

Let us know how you get on when you see the oncologist. All the best. 

Re: Onwards

7 Feb 2018 22:27 in response to telemando

Hi thanks for reply .I know profound and the tumour in bowel is not visible just scar tissue and tattoo marker .I was hoping that meant no bowel surgery but not the case .