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Only 2 months full pay sick leave

13 Jul 2021 21:25

Last Friday it was confirmed that I had a grade 3 Ductal tumour in my breast, I was informed that I will need 4 months of chemo followed bu surgery. I checked my work sickness policy and it turns out i'm only entitled to 2 months full pay and 2 months half pay, which means as I can't work during chemo owing to the nature of my job, I will run out of sick leave beofre my surgery. My question is what benefits can i apply for to help support me during this time so that I can continue to pay my bills.

Only 2 months full pay sick leave

13 Jul 2021 21:48 in response to Catndog

Hi I hope your ok after your diagnosis. It's a scary time isn't it and a lot to take in. 

I had 6 months of full pay from my work and then dropped to half pay. When it dropped to half I could apply for ESA which started at £74 per week and then went up to £114. Also look into PIP if you need help with your daily living once you start your treatments. A bit of advice though if you are entitled to that apply as soon as you know it applys  to you as they take months to process. 

I'm not sure about anything else as I was going to look into Universal credit as was struggling but it was all a bit complicated for me lol 

If your hospital has a Maggies go in there as they will be able to help you with it all. 

hope your ok 

Sarah xx

Only 2 months full pay sick leave

14 Jul 2021 00:32 in response to Catndog


There were a lot of changes to protect employment if diagnosed with cancer contact mcmillan they will have someone who will be know what your entitled to and what you need to do. 


Only 2 months full pay sick leave

14 Jul 2021 00:41 in response to Catndog

Hi catndog.Firstly I'm not going to give say do this do that. All I will say is get on to CAB. They will tell you exactly what you are entitled too. As a bus driver I was given the opertunity to take involentary redundancy. other wise I could have gone on perminat sick leave for 6 months. 6 weeks on full pay then the rest was at 80%. Because I paid into a drivers fund any money that was a short fall, was made up by the drivers fund.

If you are a full time worker then you need CAB to get involved for the advice you will need. If you are full time then your work are trying it on.

Once DVLA retracted both my licences,  It meant no licence no job. Don't seek advice from ESA, they will only tell you the bare minimum and what the government are allowed to give you to live on. and believe me £400 doesn't go that far when your mortgage and insurance is close to £600 a month.  CAB helped me greatly. and they will help you at no cost to yourself. Good luck with everything.