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Oncotype DX worry

11 Apr 2022 21:26

When I was diagnosed I was told it would be very unlikely that I'd need chemotherapy. Now here I am waiting for oncotype dx score and so worried of what will be. I know in the grand scheme of things I'm lucky my cancer was caught at an early stage but I have learned early doesn't always mean straight forward. I had to have biopsies on more than one occasion and then more surgery than first thought and I have a gut feeling I'll need chemotherapy. My appointment isn't until the 21st. 

Oncotype DX worry

11 Apr 2022 21:47 in response to Twinmum81


My name is Sarah I am 38, your post is the mirror image of my post back in December. I have since had a lumpectomy and went back to clear the margins, stage 1, IDC Grade 3 and high grade DCIS Oestrogen Fed HER2-.

I actually found waiting for my Onco score seemed worse than the Diagnosis, I didn't sleep and was so worried. 
I actually decided that I didn't want to know, so when I went to my Oncologist I explained I didn't want too know my score, mainly because I knew due to my age and Grade 3 I was having Chemo anyway. Initially when they sent my T away it was because it was a grade 2 unfortunately it increased after Surgery.

I actually did find out a few weeks later from my nurse as it was a low risk score. 

I have had 6 rounds of FEC-t and am on my last one on Thursday, it is very Do-able and not as scary as I thought.  Yes it's not plesent but side effects effects only last a week after treatment and side effects are well managed. I used the cold cap which has been a success. 

I hope you get a positive Onco score. Best wishes Sarah 

Oncotype DX worry

12 Apr 2022 09:08 in response to Twinmum81

Hope you get a low score, I’m in the same situation. 

Told unlikely to need chemo but when I saw the surgeon she told me they had requested the Oncotype test. Me results are on the 20th. I have everything crossed for us both x

Oncotype DX worry

12 Apr 2022 21:39 in response to snow-drop

Hi Sarah! Thanks for your reply.

Mine is stage 0, grade 2. I had various small tumors and had them removed and SNB. Margins were clear so I've since had a breast reduction. Node status classed as negative but micrometastasis found in one. 

Glad you're managing to get through chemotherapy and cold cap has been a success. 

Thanks, hopefully it will go in my favour. 

Take care x

Oncotype DX worry

12 Apr 2022 21:41 in response to Bettyjayne

Hope you get a low score too. 

That's exactly what happened with me.

I'll hear how you get on and I'll have mine the day after you. I've got everything crossed for us. Xx