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6 Apr 2021 17:32

Hi all. This is my first post! 
Found lump, had mammogram and biopsy and lumpectomy and results ( cancer) all within 3 weeks !

brilliant NHS. And all this still with corona ongoing.

I was recommended the oncotype test where tissue is sent to the USA to see if chemo would be of benefit.

I am aged 61 and my score was 24. Cut off point 26. 
so don't think chemo would be of benefit. Am awaiting oncology appointment but can't get my head around if it's good news or not. My margin and lymph nodes were clear. Would welcome anyone's thoughts and experiences in my situation. Thanks


6 Apr 2021 20:52 in response to Straygirl

Hi I had a similar experience an oncotype score of 23 and at the oncology appointment they basically told me it was my choice if I had chemo or not which I wasn’t expecting, she sent me away to think about it for a week and after weighing up the pros and cons for me I chose not to have it. If I had the chemo it would give me possibly 3-5% better chance of not reoccurring This is obviously such a personal decision and one I have to live with but I still think it was the right one for me. I’m just over 2 years on and doing well. Best wishes for your appointment nicky xx


7 Apr 2021 20:43 in response to Straygirl



I had an oncotype score of 28 but they said that they weren't recommending chemo as they felt the risk outweighed any potential benefit. 


Michelle x


7 Apr 2021 20:48 in response to imasurvivor

Thanks so much for your reply. I hope you are doing ok x


7 Apr 2021 21:12 in response to Straygirl

Hello...yes I am thank you, 5 years post diagnosis! 


7 Apr 2021 21:28 in response to imasurvivor

Brilliant! Take care


7 Apr 2021 21:30 in response to imasurvivor

Thanks. I was really dreading having to have chemo! 
this test seems a real breakthrough. Hope you doing ok. 


7 Apr 2021 22:01 in response to Straygirl

Chemo was the thing that frightened me the most if I'm honest so when I was told that I wouldn't be having it, it was like a huge weight had been lifted.  Obviously if they did recommend it then I would have had it, but for me it was a relief not to have it. xx


8 Apr 2021 00:35 in response to Straygirl

Hi Straygirl,

I am 68 and had an Onco test in November 2019. My score was very low, 9 so no I didn't have chemo. I feel we are lucky to have had the advantage of such a test as it stops patients going through chemo when it would be more harmful to us than helpful. 

I believe avoiding chemo (if it's possible) is a positive. Like me you had clear margins and no lymph node involvement. All very helpful! Your oncologist will talk you through everything and explain the pros and cons of chemo. 


My treatment was a breast conserving op plus 15 sessions of radiotherapy. Hormone treatment was also prescribed for 5 years but I don't take them. My decision and of course a risk. But we have to do what we feel is right for us. The oncologist wasn't that bothered about my non compliance given the level of protection hormones offered me was tiny. I guess that's not true for many people. Anyway I am not advocating not taking hormone tablets!  Just saying they are not for me! 

I wish you well. Hope your next appt.  will help make everything clearer for you. Once there is a definite plan things take shape and somehow begin to feel more manageable. 

Good luck!!



8 Apr 2021 19:00 in response to Straygirl


I also had the oncotype test, my score was 20 and I have just turned 50, was 49 when initially diagnosed.  I too was told its my decision and I decided not to have it as there was only 1.6% benefit.  I also feel that if the medical team thought I should have it they would have said.  It is hard wondering if its the right decision but me right now this is the best decision for me.  I too have no lymph node involvement and ER+ so taking tamoxifen for 5 years.  Due to start radiotherapy soon, 5 sessions followed by 4 boost sessions. 

Take care xx


8 Apr 2021 19:17 in response to Sue49

Thanks , it's really good and helpful to hear other people's experiences. 
Although I naively thought that breast cancer was the same for everyone I am beginning to realise it's not " one size fits all"!

I am waiting to see Oncologist regarding next step re radiotherapy and hormone tablets. In my heart I have decided that chemo is not my path to take , but would obviously have it if my future life depended on it. Good luck with your future treatment.


8 Apr 2021 19:18 in response to kebb

Thanks for your reply and all the best 


8 Apr 2021 19:20 in response to imasurvivor

Yes , I agree completely. I was so scared and apprehensive especially with the Covid situation too and being extra vulnerable.  All the best.  


11 Apr 2021 23:03 in response to kebb

Thanks. I have an appointment in just over a week, I was tending to forget I do have choices! Take care