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Now confirmed I have lobular breast cancer

17 Sep 2019 07:12

Diagnosed yesterday with Lobular Breast cancer.  Which was found by chance went to breast clinic on 25 July with a skin change on right breast and that was fine.  But I am 49 so doctor said you might as well have you mamogram while you here because you will be called for screening when you 50.  Had mamogram then ultra sound - they found calcifcations on left breast, had to go for a core biopsy which was clear from cancer but I had a tissue biopsy on 28 August to double check and this showed the cancer which is 1cm slow growing. Now I need to have a scan can't remember if they said CT or MRI to check there is more as with this cancer I had no lump and the actual cancer did not show up on the mamogram  I think the consultant was surprised they found cancer.  My mind is racing now I am so worred there are more and I am worried incase it has spread and I am worried about having  treatment.  I have nobody to talk about my inner most thoughts.  I am divorced with two teenage children, who I want to protect them from this I don't want them worried, so will have to try and be postive even though I am not.  Has anybody else had this type of Lobular Breast Cancer

Now confirmed I have lobular breast cancer

17 Sep 2019 22:28 in response to Roses123


I don’t have lobular cancer but I do have breast cancer so though I would pop on.  I think the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing is normal, I was the same when I was going through diagnosis. The scans will give your care team the full picture to put in place the best treatment plan for you. Once it’s in place things will start to settle down a bit.

i have two young children,both under 10, and we decided to tell them I had a bug which needed some medicine to catch it and kill it, and I’m pleased we did as we were constantly worrying about if they found out, how could we hide it from them.  And they have been brilliant. Once you have your plan you may wish to tell them. 

Do you have any friends you can confide in who could go with you to your appointments?  I would suggest taking someone with you for suppprt. I would also suggest staying away from google, it’s inaccurate and based on very generic symptoms and is generally unhelpful. 


Im here if you want to chat, rant, talk about nothing. I’m also sure some other people will be along to offer their support.

you can do this. Big hugs.


Now confirmed I have lobular breast cancer

18 Sep 2019 00:32 in response to Roses123


I had lobular BC last year, found among DCIS. I was given a MRI to ensure they got it all as it’s different from other cancers and difficult to detect due to it ‘stringy’ nature. The good news is they have caught yours when it’s really small, the other good news lobular is slow growing and less likely to spread than other breast cancers. Treatment wise, I had a lumpectomy, radiotherapy and hormone suppressants as it was ER+, which should stop it from recurring.

feel free to talk to us about your inner thoughts etc, we’re here to help x


Now confirmed I have lobular breast cancer

18 Sep 2019 07:49 in response to Woollylamb

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply it really means alot.  My eldest daughter has been coming with me to appointments, she is a rock, but she is going back down south to University Friday.  She is in her last year at university, but will come back if needed.    My daughters do know whats going on, it is my inner thoughts I can talk to them about or to my elderly mother.  I feel if I am postive about this they will be postive and not worry too much.  I will go for the scan on my own, but other appointments I will take a friend.  But I dont want to be a burden to anybody, but I have had lots of offers of help and will have accept this help and support.

Now confirmed I have lobular breast cancer

18 Sep 2019 08:00 in response to Magpiemaggie

Thank you Magpiemaggie for your reply.

I have not found anybody else with Lobular BC and your reply is reassuring.  I am lucky it been found early, and it been found by chance.  It was in an area of calcification and there is no other area of calcification so I have my fingers crossed this is the only one.  x

Now confirmed I have lobular breast cancer

18 Sep 2019 09:09 in response to Roses123


I was diagnosed at the end of July with lobular breast cancer. I’m 40. I’ve since had an MRI, lumpectomy with bilateral reduction, and will be starting chemo next week. It’s all so overwhelming at the beginning and your mind gets carried away with worst case scenarios. Take all the help and support you can get, these people will keep you grounded! Much love xx

Now confirmed I have lobular breast cancer

18 Sep 2019 12:25 in response to Hilary79

I know every case is different but can I ask why you had to have chemo?

Now confirmed I have lobular breast cancer

18 Sep 2019 12:38 in response to Roses123

I think only 20% is lobular but there are ladies on here who have it. Let’s us know how you get on x

Now confirmed I have lobular breast cancer

18 Sep 2019 13:23 in response to Roses123

After my surgery the tumour turned out to be twice the size at 83mm and cancer was also present in the one of the sentinel nodes which they initially thought was clear, although it was only 0.2mm. I was told before surgery I’d only need radiotherapy but now I’m going to have 6 sessions of chemo. I spoke to my breast nurse and she said because of my age, as an extra preventative measure, it would’ve been likely anyway. Xx