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Not posted for a while.

13 Mar 2018 15:17

Hi,  that last time I posted was about 3 years ago, when my husband was having treatment for non-hodgkins lymphoma.  He had 2 cycles of chemotherapy before they started talking about stem cell transplant,  after several consultations it was decided that he was not a suitable candidate.  Anyway we have enjoyed 2 and a half years without treatment.  Sadly it’s back, this time in the bladder, he has just had his first cycle of R DA Epoch,  discharged on Sunday and the side effects are just starting to kick in.  I kept a diary of how he was feeling last time and am glad I did as it is very useful being able to look back at how he felt before.  I’m sorry to waffle on.  That’s my story so far.  How is everyone else coping?

Re: Not posted for a while.

14 Mar 2018 00:03 in response to Petalgirl

Hello Petalgirl; so sorry to learn that your husband's cancer is back.  I have to say I am not knowledgeable about the treatment you mention but clicked on the words Search Forum (just above your post) and then typed R DA Epoch in the box that opened up.  There were several posts about this treatment and you might like to take a look to see how others are faring.   I also hope that others will come and talk with you about how things are going and their own experiences.    Best wishes.  Annie