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Re: Not having a good day

7 Mar 2018 21:40 in response to Sandra123

Hi Deirdre. Just wanted to send you lots of strength for tomorrow. Sandra's right - you know you have cancer; now it's about doing what's needed to get rid of it. Take it one day and one step at a time. Write things down otherwise you'll forget what was said then fret afterwards. Perhaps speak with your breast care nurse about all you've been going thru. You got this and aren't alone - we're right there with you.

Re: Not having a good day

7 Mar 2018 21:43 in response to Jbains

Thanks a million xx 

Re: Not having a good day

8 Mar 2018 20:27 in response to deirdre
How you doing Deirdre?

Re: Not having a good day

9 Mar 2018 15:39 in response to deirdre

Hi Deirdre 

how u doing... u ok? 

Thinking of u.... take care x