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Nose Bleeds

4 Dec 2017 22:21

Since my treatment ended I’ve been getting nose bleeds every 3-4 weeks

I finished chemo & radiotherapy back in June after being diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2016. I’ve been discharged from hospital now but since my last chemo in May I’ve been getting nose bleeds. It’s always my left nostril (I had the cancer in my left breast) and the bleed is usually over and done with in 10mins. My surgeon says it’s down to the chemo making the nasal membrane weak. Is anyone else experiencing this please. Thank you 

Re: Nose Bleeds

5 Dec 2017 15:05 in response to Nanny22

Hello Nanny - yes, I had minor nosebleeds whilst I was having my chemo for ovarian  (both times, different chemos) but they gradually disappeared over several months like all the other symptoms resulting from treatment once it ended.  I have to say that these were only very small bleeds and only when I blew my nose, but we're all different I guess.

Hope it all clears up soon, and sending my best wishes.  Take care!

Hazel xx


Re: Nose Bleeds

7 Dec 2017 22:40 in response to haze44

Thank you Hazel. Best wishes to you too.