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Non Hodgkins lymphoma advice

12 Jul 2017 22:09

Hello I'm the friend of someone on chemo treatment for NHL stage 4.

Q is anyone else on / been on treatment regime of R-Codox/R-Ivac. Given to high risk patient for aggressive and advanced non Hodgkin's? 

Re: Non Hodgkins lymphoma advice

14 Jul 2017 22:26 in response to pipster1

Welcome to Cancer Chat pipster1 although I'm sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis and the reason you are posting.

Hopefully other members who are having or have been on this treatment regime will reply soon but if you do have any questions do give our cancer nurses a call. They're available Monday - Friday between 9a.m - 5p.m on 0808 800 4040 which is free to call from a UK landline.

Best wishes to you and your friend, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Re: Non Hodgkins lymphoma advice

7 Aug 2017 20:42 in response to pipster1

Hello pipster1

My husband has been diagnosed with high grade non Hodgkins lymphoma. He has had 1 round of the R-Codox/R- Ivac. He has to stay in hospital during his treatment and then he can come home for a short time. 

How are you? 

Re: Non Hodgkins lymphoma advice

7 Aug 2017 21:39 in response to pipster1

Hi I had non Hodgkins lymphoma it was stage 4b and was on r-chop. I've not long been given the ok and I'm on remission for 2 years and go for tests every 2 months.

Re: Non Hodgkins lymphoma advice

7 Aug 2017 21:45 in response to Coffindodger

Thats good to hear you are in remission now. I bet you live for each day It is encouraging to hear we are back at the hospital tomorrow to see if his treatments have been working. I really do hope so . 

Re: Non Hodgkins lymphoma advice

7 Aug 2017 21:55 in response to tt

Thank you I do live for each day I don't plan anything I just do it. We have to keep fighting this hope your friend gets good news it's working 

Re: Non Hodgkins lymphoma advice

24 Nov 2017 06:59 in response to Coffindodger

Hi @Coffindodger ‍  - I just noticed you had R-CHOP. I'm searching the forum as I'm due to start on this in 2-4 weeks.

I wondered if you could tell me about side effects - particuarly nausea and vomiting - how much, when, did it last, etc?

Thank you!



Re: Non Hodgkins lymphoma advice

26 Nov 2017 09:43 in response to EmilyS

Hi Emily sorry to hear your going to have R-chop. Everybody reacts different with me I was sick after my 3rd session but didn't last long. I didn't fancy anything to eat as everything tasted so bland as it effected my taste buds but my partner made sure I was eating. I was scared for my first one who isn't the nurses that looked after me was brilliant. Hope this helps good luck with your treatment  

Re: Non Hodgkins lymphoma advice

26 Nov 2017 13:46 in response to Coffindodger

Hi @Coffindodger ‍ - thank you so much.

I'm terrified of being sick... hence my question and concerns. Did you have any additional antiemetic meds?

I hope all is going OK for you?


Re: Non Hodgkins lymphoma advice

26 Nov 2017 15:09 in response to EmilyS

Hi Emily they gave me strong anti sickness pills for the first 5 days and ws given mild anti sickness pills if I needed them after the 5 day. I was also given steroids for 5 days. It's hard not to worry it's the unknown and the more you look and read things the worse it makes you feel I've done it. Yeah it's hard not to research things, we are curious and need to know.

I'm doing well still on remission and having checks done every 2months had my last chemo in May 2017 on my birthday lovely present lol.

Re: Non Hodgkins lymphoma advice

26 Nov 2017 16:02 in response to Coffindodger

Thank you.. at least it prepares me.. I hope I don't feel sick too much and that the meds work. I guess if they don't, I'll have to face my fears. But I'll keep positive.


So happy for you - and yes what a wonderful birthday present. If I start my chemo in December (as expected), I'll be finished by May 2018! Happy

Re: Non Hodgkins lymphoma advice

6 Dec 2017 06:58 in response to EmilyS

Hi hope you are feeling a little more relaxed, hope all goes ok with your treatment. Keep positive ☺

Re: Non Hodgkins lymphoma advice

17 Mar 2018 18:14 in response to EmilyS

Hello how is it going? 

Hope you didnt feel too sick. 

Unfortuately for us my hibby is back in hospital for another round after being clear just have to take each day as it comes.

sending hugs to all