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1 Aug 2020 15:43

Hi everyone, first time posting here


I have had a biopsy and and ultrasound and was told I would get my results in around a week. I haven't been told the results but I have been sent another appointment letter to attend the hospital. Is this normal or happened to anyone else? My mind is going crazy because they obviously need to see me again but they've not told me why



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1 Aug 2020 17:49 in response to Roo120

Hello Roo120,

Perhaps this appointment letter is for you to attend to receive your results and discuss them. The appointment letter should tell you who your appointment is with and what their job title is, or at least the name of a clinic.

Wishing you a good outcome.

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1 Aug 2020 22:08 in response to Roo120


Hi Roo,

Welcome to our forum. Please try not to panic. I agree with Roger_D, if this appointment is soon, I expect that it is to get your biopsy results. Most consultants like to give these face-to-face.

Please let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx