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No nausea then really violent

18 Mar 2019 12:42

Man this carboplatin is creating a whole new game of vomit!

Has anyone had it that they have absolutely no nausea, they manage to eat moderately through the day, but then late at night their stomach just decides it needs to be empty and wretches until it is 100% sure it's empty?

I had it 5 days in a row with the last cycle.  Took domperidone prophylactically this time hoping it would prevent it, alas no.

Any one got any thoughts?  Things that have worked for them?


No nausea then really violent

18 Mar 2019 13:10 in response to TwinTwo

Hi sounds rough your specialist should have a good idea what's best to help you. I had kemo other year I was sick day and night for 8 too 9 days but I've got a hernia I tried all different meds no good I just had to put up with it hope they can find something that works. Have you tried just having small snacks, make sure you drink small amounts as well hope it gets easier. Good luck.


P.s give specialist a ring if your being sick that much you can do damage inside. 

No nausea then really violent

18 Mar 2019 13:29 in response to Billygoat

Thanks Billy,

Tried everything so far, even the lolly trick.  Can only do small snacks anyway as my stomach has shrunk so much.  The thing that's confusing matters is the not feeling remotely sick.  Also my stomach seems to be holding on to everything I've consumed through the day, including fluid, just to deposit it at night, it's all very bizarre.

I had normal nausea and sickness with my chemo last year but this is something else, the inside of my mouth and oesophagus is burned from the acid and I've pulled muscles in my back from how violent it is Laugh  The joys of chemo!

They're going to try some sedative, hopefully that will help.  Just panicking as I am travelling home for a family celebration on Thursday and have two flights plus a few hours in a car.  I have ordered medical grade sick bags from two suppliers now but both appear to be letting me down Sad

Oh to live back in the UK where deliveries can actually get to me!

Sorry yours's lasted so long, that sounds awful, especially with the hernia!!!!  Yikes.


No nausea then really violent

18 Mar 2019 13:37 in response to TwinTwo

I just had a thought could you be laying down at night or Sat up straight, just an idea 


No nausea then really violent

18 Mar 2019 16:02 in response to Billygoat

Thanks Billy.

They've prescibed me some Lorazepam, cyclizine and oradispensible ondansetron.  Hopefully that combination will work.

The laugh was, my oncologist phoned me and he says "I'll prescribe some Lorazepam, although you do sound very chilled out, where are you?"

I'm like "oh you know, just down by the pool drinking sangria!" Laugh  For "chilled out" read "done in"!

Thanks for your responses, I'll let you know how I go!


No nausea then really violent

18 Mar 2019 16:28 in response to TwinTwo

Oh twin, that sounds really awful! I am taking it for granted you've already tried The emend? When you've finished bringing it all up are you immediately ok? I'm also taking it for granted that you've tried the good old fashioned flat coke thing? 

Vomiting is exhausting! Thank god I only had it 2 days following first cycle....yuk! Xxxx

No nausea then really violent

18 Mar 2019 19:26 in response to TwinTwo

Oh bless ya ... could imagine you saying that to your oncologist. . But you'd say it with a glint in your eye ..  the only time I was that sick, was first 1971 .. 3 months with no let up mornin, afternoon and night  ... no help, no tablets ... then Kate gets it on her pregnancy ... and she gets taken in and bed rest ... wer made of harder stuff ... 

We just carry on ... but I'm so hoping you get home o.k ... been thinking of you hunny ...

big vertual hug,  Keep looking at the stars ... (except when your being sick)  now your the one person I think gets this sense of humour ... cancer can touch our bodies .. but leave my sense of humour alone ..

Chrissie ❤

No nausea then really violent

15 Apr 2019 20:32 in response to Chriss

Just wanted to add my good wishes having read your more recent posts.  Have been away in Somerset for a week.  You must feel like **** sometimes.  Just to add to Chriss' post - it goes something like "We are all lying in the gutter (which I hope does not relate to how you are feeling) but some of us are looking at the stars".  I hope you are seeing far enough ahead to easier times once you have got past this terrible vomiting.  Annie xx

No nausea then really violent

15 Apr 2019 20:38 in response to TwinTwo

Hi there hunny ...

Just know you are getting lots of positive vibes on here ... wet all there vertually by your side ... let us know how you are doing ... good or bad ... wer here ... big hug your the bravest of the brave ... 

Keep looking for the stars ...  Chrissie ❤

No nausea then really violent

16 Apr 2019 14:01 in response to TwinTwo

Oh my goodness, I am going to stop whingeing about nausea after reading your post. I have had 2 loads of carboplatin, and have not been sick at all, BUT I have noticed a sort of feeling of funny tummy, like butterflies and as soon as I get that I take metoclopramide, which works on the brain rather than the stomach.

When I am having the carbo they give me shed loads of ondansetron and steroids beforehand and loads to take after for a few days, and that seems to do the trick - so hopefully your ondansetron will help - don't do like someone else told me and just try to wait until you are sick - take all you can before hand to stop it happening in the first place !!!

Hope something here helps, but if not, thoughts are with you .