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No further treatment?

1 Oct 2018 20:39

So, I had a meeting with my oncologist today. It seems my CA125 has increased, this together with the ascites building up again has led to the decision to stop my weekly Taxol treatment. What was slightly confusing is the fact the CT scan shows the cancer hasn't progressed. 

I have been put forward for clinical trials, so hopefully there will be a treatment out there which will prove more successful. I'm having my fluid drained tomorrow and a Pleurx drain fitted, so hopefully I'll feel a lot better!

Feeling a bit low tonight after the meeting, but need to focus on the next steps.


No further treatment?

3 Oct 2018 12:10 in response to Velvet

Hi Jan. I’m Jan too. I’m completely new to all this but would have thought your oncologist would know enough to make the right decision for your case. What has flummoxed me is that all these tests we rely on seem to be not 100% reliable, unless my case is exceptional. I had a clear mammogram in January and only went to the doctor because two tiny lumps appeared on my nipple and there’s a history of breast cancer in the family (don’t know if I have the bad gene). She found a lump under an ancient scar from having a fibroadenoma removed so referred me on. The consultant wasn’t much concerned but sent me for ultrasound, which was all clear. As a precaution though, the consultant biopsied the spots and they both came back as cancer. He was very surprised. A mammogram followed, which showed no signs of anything, but a slight shadow in the armpit led to another ultrasound and lymph biopsies, the results of which I’m awaiting. I’ve always had great faith in the medical profession and can’t get my head round how histology can identify cancer yet, even knowing where to look, it’s doesn’t show on mammogram or ultrasound.

I fear my reply is of more value to me than you as we are experiencing different forms of cancer but I guess I wanted to share your uncertainty whilst at the same time encouraging you to trust your consultant, No wonder you feel low. It’s **** feeling helpless against the unknown isn't it! Good luck, Jan.

No further treatment?

3 Oct 2018 19:33 in response to JanMBM

Hi Jan

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I know exactly what you mean.. and yes, I have confidence that going for clinical trials is the way forward, as my oncologist only has a certain amount of treatments available.

Like you say, sometimes the results of these many tests are extremely confusing. I'm trying to focus on the positive ( no chemo for a while! ) and maybe go away for a few days.

I wish you all the best for your results anf we'll face whatever conmes our way! Let me know how you get on.

Jan x