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Newly diagnosed with Glioblastoma

25 Nov 2022 20:51

Back in June my dad had a stroke. He was on a life support machine but came out of it with no physical issues, just a few speach issues. 

Over the last few weeks he has not been right. Has had headache's, struggles more getting out what he wants to say. In the past week or so developed  a tremor.  He was referred to the hospital and has been diagnosed with a aggressive Glioblastoma. 

We have been told, they cannot operate, there is a possibility he  could have chemo or radiotherapy to slow it it down. Or he could have the version where there are no treatment options. We are waiting for the panel to come up with a treatment plan. Which won't be for a few days.

But either way there is no cure.

He has been put on steroids in the mean time.

They have said they have been through is scans from back in June and there was definitely no sign of it then. Which is why they can say it's really aggressive and fast moving.

I just want to know, how our Dad is going to be? What changes are we really going to notice? What symptoms he may start showing. 

We know it's different for everyone and we haven't been given much information as of yet. We just want some ideas of what we can expect that will happen next. 



Newly diagnosed with Glioblastoma

27 Nov 2022 22:42 in response to Hayleyandfamily

Hello Hayleyandfamily and a warm welcome to Cancer Chat, 

I am so sorry to hear about everything your dad has been through in recent months. First the stroke and now the aggressive glioblastoma diagnosis. I hope that it won't be too long before you hear about a possible treatment plan. There is information on our website on glioblastomas which may be of interest to you and which will give you an indication as to the different treatment options. We also have in-depth information on brain tumours which may be helpful to you. 

I hope that you find out more very soon as to what to expect. The Brain Tumour Charity also has a lot of detailed information on glioblastomas which will address some of your questions. Feel free also to give our cancer nurses a call on this free number 0808 800 4040 - their line is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

I hope that you will hear from other members of our forum who have been affected by gliobastoma and that they will come and share their experience with you. You can also read past forum discussions on gliobastoma by typing 'glioblastoma' in the 'search forum' function which can be found on the blue banner at the top. Feel free to respond to any thread you feel you would like to engage with. 

We're thinking of you and your dad during this difficult time and I hope that he finds out more soon about his treatment plan.

Best wishes, 

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator