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Newly diagnosed bowel cancer 56 Female

27 Nov 2022 03:16

Hello, I have just been diagnosed with bowel cancer and I am waiting for a scan. Has anyone else just found out? I feel as though I am talking about someone else and not me.

I would love to hear from anyone please.

Thank you.

Newly diagnosed bowel cancer 56 Female

27 Nov 2022 09:52 in response to Blondebanana


I turned 60 in August and about 3 weeks ahead of you in my diagnosis. 

Its the worst feeling and your emotions will be all over the place. They will get the ball rolling very quickly and the next week you will be busy with blood tests 

 and scans followed by your mdt meeting and then your consultant appointment. Did you find out at the colonoscopy screening?

They have your results for everything before they hand you over to the hospital team. The sister on that team phoned me most days and when good results came back she told me. I was so lucky to have her. 

Had my meeting with the consultant who told me i will be in hospital within 2 weeks to remove the sigmoid part of the colon. He was great and very positive and your speciality nurse will be amazing. 

Your feelings will be all over. We went to our happy place in the Lakes yesterday to get away from yhe c talk. We had a nice day until i saw the shops all ready for xmas. It hit me like a slap in the face that I wont be able to do xmas because I will be recovering. I  had a melt down there and then in the middle of Windemere x 

Once you meet with the consultant you will feel much better. You will know whats happening and will have a plan. Whatever you do dont go on Google. I made the mistake of doing that and convinced myself that it had spread to just about every organ because Google said and i had a few months to live. Total rubbish. Try to get help from your doctor. 

I slept last night for the first time and am doing a mini xmas dinner for the family today. Only because iI dont think i will be able to eat chestnuts for a while post op xx 

We can go through this together and will beat it x 

Gill x

Newly diagnosed bowel cancer 56 Female

27 Nov 2022 18:41 in response to Gilly37

Hi Gill

Thank you so much for your reply!  I am only able to reply now as I need to be alone to process my thoughts as I am sure you understand.

Thank you for sharing your journey with me, and your breakdown in Windemere! that's me in Aldi or Sainsburys, one minute ok then bang! 

I did find out at the screening, but tbh I have known deep down for a good while that something wasn't right, but the FIT test that came through the door just made me get on with it.

I have a scan date now for this Wednesday so I am very happy to get that so soon.

And yes I have stopped goggling!!! 

Hope you had a lovely Christmas dinner today, what a lovely idea.  My younger daughter and I bought our tree today and we look forward to decorating it on Thursday!

Thank you again, I hope we can keep in touch if you don't mind.