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Newly diagnosed

6 Dec 2017 09:42

Good Morning I have in the last 9 wks just been diagnosed with breast cancer. AS YOU can imagine my life was turned upside down .I have just had round 2 of chemo and it has knocked me sideways. Im exhausted and finding it difficult to eat it' just pants. Be interested to know if anyone else is experiencing the same? Thankyou in advance 

Re: Newly diagnosed

6 Dec 2017 18:42 in response to Mrsmbprice

Hi there ... your right it is pants and a lot more words, we're not allowed to say ... and bless ya ... there is quite a few of us breast cancer ladies on here and going through chemo too ... they have up and down days but they are a great bunch and if you look on rilleyroo so  thread there's about 5 ladies there, that will give you moral support and you can read what they are doing ... 

I'm nearly 5 months post mastectomy... so I'm here on this journey too ... it's a bumpy rollercoaster ride and you have to hold on tight ... Hopefully one of our breast cancer buddies will be on soon too ... so sending you a caring hug .... chrisie xx 


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7 Dec 2017 11:26 in response to Chriss
Thankyou for getting back to me Chrissie my name is Maria and Iam 46 so sorry I should of introduced myself. Iam finding it particularly difficult as Iam single and don't have that partner support I have lots of amazing family and friends who are very supportive but not the same as having a partner. My journey has only just began and it's def a rollercoaster. Sending you a caring hug back! Maria xx

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7 Dec 2017 17:23 in response to Mrsmbprice

Hi there Maria... trust me, family and friends can get you through ... I let my son and daughter in law and my amazing nieces (who I love like daughters) and they jumped on this rollercoaster with me ... I've always kept things to myself before,  but oh my, I'm so glad I let them in ... every appointment, every scan, and the op ... they were there ... and because it made me realise just how much love and support I had, it made me ready to take on this thing inside my breast, that I didn't invite ... 

I had a Grade 3 her 2 ... which is large and advanced ... but my lymph node was clear, and the lump came back " low risk" so I think someone up there is batting in my corner ... so it's not all doom and gloom every time ... I'm here 5 months down the road, writing to you ... but we have all been in that scary stage of waiting ... if you can live in the day .. don't look to far ahead .. try not to do the "what ifs" and take each problem as and when they come up ... that was the advice I got from my daughter in law ... 

My partner lost his wife 16 years ago to breast cancer, so I make sure he's not involved too much, and my positivity gets him through fine ... I was more worried about him then him me ... coz I just live a day at a time, and every day is a little mirical ... so my hunny ... hold on tight ... keep your family in the loop as they will be as scared as you ... but if you cope, they will ... I'm always here if you need support or have a good day, or a low one ... you can always private message me if you like... I'm on here most days ...

So dont forget your not alone on this rollercoaster... there's lots of us just sitting in the next carrage.. big hug ... chrisie ❤ xx

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7 Dec 2017 18:42 in response to Mrsmbprice

Hi Maria. 


Just thought I’d drop by to say Hi. 

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8 Dec 2017 10:01 in response to rileyroo
Good Morning!

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8 Dec 2017 10:11 in response to Chriss

Thankyou it' so re assuring reading your posts I have always been the strong one doing everything for myself I nursed my ex husband with cancer and took time out of my career to care for him he is still here and well just decided to cheat on me but that' history and we move on. I have a wonderful Son and telling him was the hardest thing I have had to do but he has coped really well and is very positive. This week has been hard as I have awful side effects from the chemo and just have to stay in bed. So nice to be able to chat with someone going through same experiences so Thankyou xx 

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8 Dec 2017 13:38 in response to Mrsmbprice

I’m very fortunate in that I did not have chemo, I’ve found radiotherapy hard enough, absolute credit and respect to those who go through it. 

@tigercub ‍  who also joins in with this thread is in the middle of chemo at the moment so int terms of the effects of that she’ll be much better than me to talk to. 

I have had surgery for breast cancer and as mentioned, finished radiotherapy. Both @Jbains ‍ and @Sandra123 ‍ have also been down this route. 

My ex did the dirty on me when our son was five months old but that’s history now. 

My kids, especially my daughter, have been brilliant during this. 

I’ve returned to work on a phased return and am finding it hard but it’s would have to be done at some point so might as well get on with it. The office is closed from 22  December until 2 January so get a nice long break!

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8 Dec 2017 14:10 in response to Mrsmbprice

Hi poor you being cheated on .not all men like that thank god .is it your 1st chemo I'm on 3rd and found this one bit harder course trying do few things and Xmas just whack me out have definitely rest more .rest as much as you can good luck 

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8 Dec 2017 15:43 in response to tigercub


just dropping by too:-)

I’m happily divorced:-) when I look back I can honestly say my life is better than it would have been if we were still together. We remain friends just not married:-)

My biggest support came from my 2 daughters who were just amazing but u know what - it was so heartwarming to have even just acquaintances take time out in passing to ask how I was doing. 

We look this disease in the eye nd stare it down because we can. You can do this. Yes it sucks... but girl you reach out on the bad days, share the good, embrace the anger and take each day as a win. 

We are here if u need or want us. 

Take care x

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8 Dec 2017 17:07 in response to Sandra123
Hi this is my 2nd round of chemo has knocked me off my feet and I have taken to my bed I have no energy and finding it difficult to eat I keep telling myself it's only temporary and there is light at the end of the tunnel x

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8 Dec 2017 18:35 in response to Mrsmbprice

You’ll get there. My cousin has been through chemo including one lot of anaphylactic shock and sepsis and is now doing radiotherapy and she’s still standing. She did it and so can you!

Do what you can can with what you have. This is a means to an end, nothing more. Horrible way of getting there but you can and will do it. Let your stubborn side out and stick with it. 

Re: Newly diagnosed

8 Dec 2017 19:16 in response to rileyroo

Rileyroo hit nail on the head:-)

if u need t take t yr bed do it no one is judging, it’s a case of whatever it takes. We r in awe of u and the strength u have in dealing with this. 

Do not underestimate the strength of character u r showing us all. The end goal is life - now that is worth every second of whatever is needed to get u to that point. You don’t have to walk this all alone we are here if u want need us. X

Re: Newly diagnosed

8 Dec 2017 20:02 in response to Sandra123

Hi Maria.

I found in sept I’ve got breast cancer. I’m on the rosco trial. I had my 3rd chemo 2 weeks ago. I’m struggling big time as after every session of chemo ended up in hospital. Came out yesterday after 13 days.

Hope everything goes ok for you.xx

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9 Dec 2017 09:05 in response to Shirl3

Hi that' when I found my lump at the end of September and like you I ended up in hospital with 2 infections after my first round of chemo. I have had my 2nd and thought I was doing ok and now I have been in bed for a week it' a nightmare! I did push myself just now and put some washing on and made breakfast and now im exhausted little steps I guess.