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Newly diagnosed

14 Nov 2017 12:16

hi, I was diagnosed with a 13cm  malignant ovarian cyst last Monday. They suspect it's in my omentum as well as other areas. 

Ive been to my gp and she has prescribed me Prozac and lorazepam.... I haven't taken the lorazepam yet...

yesterday I started to get a strange sensation in my left lower jaw, my glands aren't swollen at all.... is this just anxiety ? 

Re: Newly diagnosed

14 Nov 2017 20:13 in response to Loraine1962

Hi there ... welcome to our little chat room ...

Be a good idea maybe to give your oncology team a ring and ask them about your resent problems with your jaw ... we can only give opinions as you need medical advice ... but hope you get some answers soon to hopefully put your mind at rest ... it's a nerve racking time waiting for results so you will feel anxious,  it's normal ... but sending you a hug in the mean time .. take care chrisie xx 

Re: Newly diagnosed

18 Nov 2017 13:23 in response to Loraine1962

Hello Loraine, I can understand the fears when these ‘sensations’ come and we think of the worst possible case. See if you can speak to a medic, perhaps the nurse here to try to reduce your anxiety. Also have you thought about getting counselling? I’m a retired psychotherapist and a believer in talking to someone separate from friends and family. Because of my own treatment I’ve been seeing a counsellor myself which has helped a great deal. Having medication to try to relieve anxiety also helps. Take advice from your doc but you make the decision. 

If you can try to take one step at a time when medics give you treatment plans. I hope all works out well for you soon, let us know how you get on, but keep talking here. Positive vibes heading your way. xx

Re: Newly diagnosed

18 Nov 2017 14:43 in response to Chasmac
Thank you, I had an appointment yesterday with my consultant, he's not worried, thinks it probably is just due to the anxiety. ....which is growing daily. They have told me op day is 11th December . Pre med check up on Monday afternoon. I will look into the councelling, thank you.

Re: Newly diagnosed

18 Nov 2017 14:44 in response to Chriss

Thank you, it would seem it is just anxiety..... don't you love that " just anxiety"