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New to forum

12 Aug 2017 18:41

Hello everybody

My name is Vanessa and im new to this whole forum business!

I am currently caring for my mum who has Terminal stage 4b cancer. She was diagonised on 5th May 2017 with Cervical cancer which has spread to her liver.

The hospital gave her 3 weeks to live....she is now on week 14. Clearly she is a fighter.

Re: New to forum

12 Aug 2017 23:27 in response to Sadtimes


Hi Sadtimes,

Welcome to Cancer Chat.

I am really sorry to hear about your Mum's terminal diagnosis. The fact that she has outlived her consultant;s estimate is good news - it just goes to show that even doctors cannot give an accurate time frame every time.

Please keep in touch and let us know how she gets on. This must be particulary difficult for you to deal with. Do you have any other family or friends who you can rely on for support?

Remember, that there is always someone here to talk to whenever either of you feel like talking.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Re: New to forum

13 Aug 2017 01:23 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine

Thank you for your reply.

Yes fantastic that mum is still with us.

I have moved in with my mum (67) and dad (60) and my nan who is (88). Mum has been my nans carer for the last 17 years, now mum not able to care for nan. I look after them all really, dad very busy with work (owns his own business) but mum is my top priority! My sister visites on weekends which gives me a little break at times. My husband is at home looking after the house and working hard. He doesnt drive so i dont see him very often...i am 250 miles away. My son brings him to mums when he can. 

Mum is currently on steroids which had given her a little able to walk about abit, get herself to the toilet etc. When steroids finish in 2 days mum really hits rock bottom. She sleeps most of the day and all night....unable to get to the toilet unassisted... eats and drinks very little. She has lost 3 stone in weight and it is still falling of her! 

Mum is currently smothered in a rash and brusies torso downwards...which looks terrible. Steroids are meant to be helping but not so sure!