Together we will beat cancer


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13 May 2022 23:38

Hello.  I am moved, and inspired too, by the huge challenges people are facing and the courage you have...

I am 75yrs of age, and have recently undergone a Wide Lesion Excision, under local anaesthetic.  I am being treated with the utmost kindness & care, and have suffered no pain at any point.  Unfortunately surgery wasn't entirely successful and further steps are to be taken, the first of which is a PET test.  I am deeply grateful for all the help I am being given, and anxious to facilitate the work as cheerfully & sensibly as possible.  However, not unnaturally I am beginning to get nervous now - not least because I am claustrophobic!


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14 May 2022 11:56 in response to Saltmarsh

Hi welcome to the forum the club nobody wants to join . When i go into a scanner i always close my eyes and think of laying on a beach when im in holiday,or in the back garden on the lounger . Some places have a radio built-in the scanner and music helps .

Anything to relax you helps, apart from too much alcohol , unless you bang your head hard and go dizzy.

Take care keep safe and sure.

Billy .

Im sure others will join you soon with ideas , trouble is with good weather they go out and relax .