Together we will beat cancer


New here

2 Jan 2018 15:29

Hi, first post here.   My husband was diagnosed with Mesothelioma in July and given 12 months to live.    We’re still reeling from this diagnosis.   He was in the Navy in the late 60’s and exposed to asbestos then.   He has had his 3rd treatment of chemo and it’s hell.   I’ve noticed a huge change in his voice, his hearing is almost completely gone, he’s dizzy and overnight, an absessed tooth popped up (he has always taken very good care of his teeth).    Dentist told him since his immune system is pretty much gone, stuff like this happens.   

Re: New here

2 Jan 2018 16:54 in response to DebbieinSeattle

Hello Debbie.  So sorry about the situation in which you and your husband find yourself.   People working in too many occupations belatedly discovered that they had been exposed to terrible risks.  From the use of the word "We" I am assuming that the whole family is walking this journey with him.  There is no more that you can do for him, it appears, than hold him tight and be with him wherever it takes you all.   Too many people on this forum have been in the same position and I hope some of them will post about their similar experiences.  I just wanted to say keep on doing what you are doing, stay as strong as you can and stick together.