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25 Mar 2017 08:43

Hello everyone. I'm 34 mother of 3 beautiful boys. I was diagnosed with vaginal cancer yesterday. I would like to speak with other women who have similar experiences of this. Many thanks xx

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27 Mar 2017 09:29 in response to Vix83

Hi Vix83, 

Welcome to the forum although I'm really sorry that hear about your diagnosis. 

We have some information on our website about vaginal cancer which I've linked for you. 

I've also had a look through the forum and we don't have any currently active members who have vaginal cancer. We do whoever have two other new members @Racheal ‍ and @Carolw10 ‍  who have female cancers and I wondered if it might be helpful for you to talk to them as I'm sure that you will have some similarities. 

Do keep I touch here Vix. If you want to chat or have questions or need to offload then you are always welcome to post. We have lots of lovely members here who are always happy to support and share with those who need it. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator

Re: New here.

28 Mar 2017 02:19 in response to Vix83

Hi Vix 

Sorry too hear your news. I'm a 43 year old mother of 2 and was diagnosed with vulvar cancer on the 6th March..still trying too get my head around it. I'm due too have surgery on the 4th April unfortunately due too it being a rare form of cancer and rare for my age,they are going too do a radical vulvecetomy in others words their removing everything lips/clitiros..i feel in shock,angry,upset but wont let this evil disease beat me I have too much too live for,the same as you have..I wouldn't say I'm strong or got my head around this but with surgery just around the corner I'm trying too be brave..I've cried,I've shouted and strangely I've laughed and partied since being told... Have you been told what treatment you have too have? How are you feeling? Lots of love x

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1 Jan 2018 23:22 in response to Vix83

Hiya Vix83, I have just posted this evening about my journey with small cell vaginal cancer,which is very rare,not sure if yours is vaginal cancer with or without small cell type? hard to find any information if any! there are no leaflets and it is not funded as it a rare cancer, hence no infor Sad What treatment have you had and hope your oncology team has been a good one, it matters.I had dual treatment so chemo and external radiotherpy at the same time, followed by internal radiotherpy (Brachy) I found this painful and difficult too,I spent along time as an In Patient as I was extremely sick with the Chemo. How are you doing now, and are you still having scans......? Life changing for everyone, and we have to find strength.I wish you well and would be more than happy to chat, I have never met anyone with this type. Kind Wishes.x Happy