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13 Oct 2019 20:01

Hello, any advice on pins and needles in hands and feet following chemotherapy ? Also experiencing numbness. 


13 Oct 2019 22:27 in response to Alan23

Hi Alan23,

I won't give you advice. But i will share with you what i do to help my Neuropathy. 

To give you a bit of back ground incase it relates to your cancer. I had stage 3 bowel cancer with liver metastisis i just have the liver metastisis now. I have had 12 sessions of Folfox and 13 sessions of panitumumab. The oxaliplatin, which was stopped after 10 session, gave me very bad Neuropathy to the point where i couldn't pick up a knife or fork, put my shoes on, drink out of a glass with one hand. I still cannot do up buttons on a shirt and have just recently been able to write again. 

Things that  have helped me. Vitamin B6 (50mg), i am not telling you to get this. If you read up on Neuropathy, this is one of the vitamins that certain websites advise you to get. You can get it cheaper online.

Massage and stretch your fingers. Do this daily and do it hard, so your fingers remember what its like to feel - even if it hurts.

Get a soft ball, like a squash ball and squeeze it daily so it activates the forearms and improves your grip strength.

My neuropathy was bad to the point where i had to wear neuropathy gloves which are like compression gloves. They had grips on the fingers and palm so i wouldnt drop anything when holding items.

Keep you hands and feet warm, especially now we are heading into winter.

Hot water footbath helped me. But i have found trying to use my feet as normal improved them the most. It is uncomfortable because my feet feel like they are 5 sizes bigger than they are, but again i just go with it to instill a bit of memory muscle to the feet.

Pick up small objects for hand / Eye coordination - it is hard,  it is frustrating, but it helps.

My neuropathy is not as bad as it was 6 months ago and i have got used to it. But i wont promise you it will get better, it just gets easier.

Finally, don't eat a custard slice with Neuropathy, i tried and the mess was incredible. Happy

I also weight train which again helps with the grip strength and alleviates the pins and needles in my hands for that period of time, but i don't do it without a training partner or spotter. The last thing i want to do is drop weights on me because my hands decide its a good idea to let go.

As i said, these are the things i have found have heped me. Your experience will be different to mine.

Good luck. Hope you get better soon.




14 Oct 2019 09:22 in response to Alan23

I crocheted throughout my whole treatment, and didn't get neuropathy in my hands. Unfortunately, I have not yet mastered the art of crocheting with my feet! And everyone in my family has a hat and scarf!


14 Oct 2019 11:34 in response to Kath1961


I have knitted and crocheted throughout my treatment, it served me well until the last round. My fingertips feel numb and the heels of my feet.  

I'm interested to read anyone's tips, I'm hoping it will eventually return to normal. 


15 Oct 2019 20:59 in response to StewC

Thank you very much Stew C for the above tips I am very grateful for your time.