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Need to understand

27 Nov 2021 23:49

Hi, I've been newly diagnosed with MF overseas and l have yet so many test tests to do but there was a test for hepatitis and I need someone's insight to this test. The test was positive for Hepatitis B core ( anti-HBC) and HBCAG was negative, Hep B Ab is 15.93.
I am yet to meet my doctor in three weeks , so I can't wait honestly. Thank you for your inputs 

Need to understand

29 Nov 2021 15:48 in response to BEDOOY

Hi, sorry to find you here wanting advice.

I often have a read of peoples posts for advice and can't pass on ones that have asked for advice but havnt had answers.
I can't offer you much on your specialist subject -

I've got breast cancer but the hospital process is similar. 

You have been referred to a consultant. You could phone the hospital and ask to be out through to Oncology secretary. They should be then able to give you name of consultant whose care you fall under. Ask them if they've received your referral  if not contact your GP. 
the secretary should advice on waiting time. Explain your case and maybe take a late cancellation.

if no joy you could speak to the PALS (!patient advice liason service) they can ask on your behalf and maybe help push through your referral.

Usully cancer referrals should be seen within 2weeks.

keep us posted with your journey.

Efffie x  (one cycle of chemo down - 3 to go ) 

Need to understand

29 Nov 2021 19:25 in response to Efffie

Thanks Efffie , I will contact them and see what they can do for me.

Keep your spirit up ♥️ 


Need to understand

10 Dec 2021 11:05 in response to BEDOOY

Any joy ???