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Nanny of child with Leukemia

30 Jul 2019 12:22

My 5 year old grandson was diagnosed with ALL nearly 3 years ago and was doing so well but yesterday we were told he has relapsed. Can anyone help me to understand and give me some advice?

Nanny of child with Leukemia

30 Jul 2019 12:52 in response to Flo63

Hi there ..

From one nanny to another ... who adores those grandkids... my heart goes out to you ... l saw your first post as I was having to go out, then looked for it when home and couldn't find you ...

I can't give much advice ... as I really don't know how id cope ... but all I can say, is do what you did first time .. get your nanny boxing gloves on, and get in the ring ready to help his knock that cancer out again ... it's the hardest thing we have to do .. caring for our kids, caring for their kids ... and I know grandkids are even more precious now ...

You can come on here and put all those feelings down ... coz I know as a nanny we try to be strong for everyone .. so be kind to yourself ... and look after your heart too ... I'm here most days if you want a chat ....  sending you a vertual hug from one nanny to another ... Chrissie   ❤

Nanny of child with Leukemia

30 Jul 2019 15:48 in response to Chriss
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Your words have helped even though I’m sitting here sobbing. I’m already trying to put plans in my head for worst case scenario, in the hope it’s not. Please keep in touch it means a lot xx

Nanny of child with Leukemia

30 Jul 2019 17:56 in response to Flo63

Hi Flo ..

I've accepted your friend request.. I'd be honered to be your buddy .. but I've been having trouble getting through to buddy requests .. so if you can look on your messages and look up friends or buddies and if you see my name just write something back to me so I know it's gone through ..

Let me know if not and I'll ask the moderators to check ...

I've she'd many a tear for my son's and grandkids ... and probly will all my days .. yet I've not she'd any for me after the first couple of days knowing I've got cancer ... you see my fear is the opposite of yours .. I'm scared I'll leave my amazing granddaughter... and I've done her a memory book from her being just one so she will always know how much I love her ... she was only 5 when I was diagnosed ..and she is my world and why I fight every day .. so I'm still here 2 years down the line .. still fighting ..

I'm telling you that because I want you to know how I love mine so can empathise the situation your in ..  when my son was being tested for cancer , I completely "lost the plot" I was hysterical at times .. but people on here got me through ..  and I'll never forget their kindness .. he has been diabetic from 14 years old .. so nearly lost him a couple of times ...

So try and let me know ... well have a good chat ..  I can't take it away but I can listen ... 

So dry those tears and well kick cancers ass for your grandson ...   Chrissie ❤ 

Nanny of child with Leukemia

30 Jul 2019 18:24 in response to Chriss

You are amazing! Can’t believe you take time to put other people’s minds at rest. Is anyone supporting you? X

Nanny of child with Leukemia

30 Jul 2019 20:29 in response to Flo63

I've managed to send you a private message .. should show on your icon on home page....

And yes ... I have lots of support ... and a big shoulder to lean on ...

Chrissie ❤